2023 June

3.30.9 26 June 2023


  1. Task Team and Todo Numbers filter in Todo List page
  2. We've included Task Year,Task Period and Task Dates in the inbox list.

3.30.8 22 June 2023

Bug Fix

  1. We've fixed an issue where the document list export button was not working as expected. Now, you can easily export your document list without encountering any problems.

3.30.7 6 June 2023

New Import - Bill Delete

We've introduced a new feature that allows you to delete bills in bulk on the import page.


  1. We've added a realspenthours column to the work done report, allowing you to have a more detailed view of how much time has been spent on different tasks.
  2. We've included Client Name and Creation Datetime in the inbox list.

3.30.6 1 June 2023


  1. For a cleaner view and better understanding, team members and labels are now displayed in separate lines in the Task View. This makes it easier for you to identify who is responsible for what, and which labels are associated with each task.
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