Jamku is an Office management software (opens new window) for offices who manage compliances for others. eg: Chartered Accountant (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Tax Consultant, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Advocates, Architects, Consultants.

# Jamku Help

The help documentation is divided in to 5 sections

  1. 🖐 Getting started - Just purchased Jamku
  2. 📒 Guide - Detailed Explanation of each and very feature
  3. 👀 Reports & Dashboard - All the reports & dashboard available in Jamku, it's use and features
  4. 🌌 Blog - Tips & Tricks by users of Jamku
  5. 🎨 API - Looking to integrate your existing system with Jamku

# Getting Updates

Apart from this help documentation, we also have other communication channels

  1. WhatsApp Group - Jamku Updates (Only Admins Post message to this Group)
  2. WhatsApp Group - Jamku 3 (All offices discuss suggestions & features of Jamku)
  3. Email Newsletter (opens new window) - Subscribe to receive fortnightly emails on practice management

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# Jamku Support

Need help from Jamku Support team member? Read what's the best & fastest way to get your query resolved.

# Help videos

Part (1/2) Training

Part (2/2) Training

We regularly (every 5~7 months) update the help videos, to accommodate the new features in Jamku.

# Emoji Legend

Help document use emoji to a convey context & helps in identifying right page to navigate using search function

  • 📒 Guide
  • 👀 Reports
  • 🎨 API
  • 💭 Tips


This help file is for Jamku 3rd Generation jamku.app (opens new window) If you are looking for help documentation of Jamku 2nd Gen jamku.madecha.com (opens new window) then go to madrecha.com/jamku/help (opens new window)


The Documentation is currently in beta and hence may be incomplete. Found any mistake or have a suggestion? email them to jamku.support@madrecha.com

# Jamku is for whom?

Jamku is predominantly useful for professionals who provide services to their clients

  1. Chartered Accountants (opens new window) (CA)
  2. Certified Public Accountants (opens new window) (CPA)
  3. Company Secretary (opens new window) (CS)
  4. Tax Consultants
  5. Advocate / Lawyer
  6. Architects
  7. Cost Accountant (opens new window) (CMA)
  8. Management Consultants

In help documentation these firms / companies are referred as "Professionals in Practice" or simply "Firm".
Jamku is designed for team size of 5 to 200.

# What is Jamku?

Professionals in practice, need following types of software

  1. Practice Management (eg. Jamku (opens new window))
  2. Compliance Software - These help you to do the actual compliance (eg. Tax Return Preparation, Audit Documentation)
  3. Accounting Software - To create Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Receivables and Payables tracking (eg. Tally (opens new window), Zoho Books (opens new window), Quick Books (opens new window) )
  4. Team Chatting/communication software (eg. Microsoft Teams (opens new window), Discord (opens new window), Slack (opens new window), )

Jamku is purely a Practice Management Solution. It helps you in organizing the practice and scale up. Project (Task) Management is at the heart of the practice management.

Jamku does not help in

  • Tax Return Filling
  • Accounting
  • Payroll Processing
  • Team Chatting (i.e. Inter team communication)
Last Updated: 24 Jun 2021