2021 February

3.20.1 24 February 2021

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. https://github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/11open in new window

New Integration Data Paths More info

  • Document
  • Bill Locations
  • Service Todo
  • Service Stages
  • Service Team
  • Service Fields

New Bulk update Categories of Task (in Task List)

  1. Now you can update Task Category, Task Profit Center, Task Cost Center for tasks in bulk by selecting the task from Task listpage.

New Import Bill and Receipt

Import Bill and Receipt in a bulk from Excel to Jamku using the Import feature.

  1. Visit Data Import page
  2. Select Create Bill or Create Receipt option, and follow the usual data import procedure.
  3. billno, offentityid, groupid is required in Bill creation.
  4. receiptno, offentityid, groupid is required in Receipt creation.


  1. The Edit tab in Task View, Client View, Group View has changed it's location from last tab to 1st tab.
  2. Now you can select Bill lines and Delete Them at one click.This is required to make billing faster and when we want to delete the bills.
  3. Now can see when the tag was added and by which team member in Add/Remove ClientTag dialogue (in Client View / Task View). #404open in new window
  4. Added TaskLabel and ClientTag column in Stage Dashboard table report.
  5. Added option to remove client tags in bulk is now available in Client List similar to Add/Remove Task Labels. #395open in new window
  6. Task view > Billing Tab now shows the bills in which the task is billed. #344open in new window
  7. Added option to remove logo at the time of bill printing. If you want/don't by default CA logo then kindly switch the toggle button from logo<->Nologo.
  8. In Compliance Dashboard, has new option to filter by service category. Earlier only Client Categories were available. #227open in new window
  9. Compliance Dashboard UI is now more compact.
  10. Added entity name on MoneyTab for faster Receipt Creation.
  11. Added TodoGroup and TodoCategory in Advanced Search on TodoList page.

Bug fixes

  1. If you try to deactivate a Client Group but the group has active Clients, it will show an error. This will ensure, you don't accidentally deactivate client group without first deactivating the clients.
  2. Bulk Update Billing Location in Data Import tab now contains data for the editing purpose.
  3. Corrected the spelling of Quarterly in periodicity ServiceList -> ServiceView -> ComplainceTab

3.20.0 20 February 2021

The most awaited feature Global Client Search is here. Search client's details from anywhere within the software using this feature.

To use Global Client Search follow these steps:-

  1. Visit Office Config -> Master tab and in the Integration section click on the Global Search button and reset your indexes. (Note: This would take about 10-15 minutes)
  2. Click on the Search icon present in the header and search for your client's details.
  3. To navigate to Client view of a particular client just click on the respective client name shown in the list.

We'll be adding more elements to this in coming versions.


  1. There should be a difference between From time and To time while adding Workdone or else it will show the error From time To time can not be same.

3.19.15 15 February 2021

New Unique Bill Permission

To enable Unique Bill. Goto Office Config -> Settings tab and select Yes for Bill field in Feature Activation section and click on Update.


  1. The previous functionality does not restrict any user from changing the OutTime for any past date in Attendance. Now you can't update OutTime for any past date.
  2. Outcome is nothing but Hearing Description and Instructions is Team Description so we don't have any specific column such as Hearing Description that's why removed Hearing Description from the Hearing List (Table view)
  3. Now Hearing date is shown in Hearing list (Table view).
  4. After clicking on bill number (Table view) it will take you on that particular bill of Bill Edit page.

3.19.14 10 February 2021

New Permissions for Communication

  1. If team members wants to send email, copy email id's and copy mobile no's then they need the Communication permission.Only admin can provide Communication permission to the team members. Follow the Steps:-
  2. Visit TeamList - > TeamView page.
  3. Click on Permission Tab.
  4. Give permission by selecting yes or no from Communication button.


  1. Table view on Receipt List page for the ease of sort and filter.
  2. Now if bill status is posted then you can see the icon of posted on Bill List page.
  3. In Field Dashboard added option to save the format of filter. Because sometimes you might not needed some columns or need to change the order.
  4. Now Bill and Receipt options are available in Delete Logs, although they were getting stored inside logs but were not shown in the app.

Bug Fixes

  1. If Client's are above 2143, the number on service view page remains constant as 2143 .Now it is fixed.

3.19.13 5 February 2021

New Permissions for Email Sending

  1. Email - Permission to Send Email.

Note:- If you are getting You don't have permission then kindly check your permission on Permission Tab


  1. Table view on Bill List page for the ease of sort and filter.
  2. Instead of downloading only 100 records at a time on Bill List page now you can download all records at only one click.
  3. Solved the issue of Previous Compliance End Date is more than current compliance start date while adding Compliance in bulk on Client List.
  4. Startdate and Enddate of Compliance excel sheet is now in iso format previously it was in Datetime format.
  5. Better look of Service List UI.
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