2020 March

3.11.1 29 Mar 2020

International Mobile Number Support,Team View,Forgot Password, Bug Fixes, Improvements

New International Mobile number support

Jamku is officially launched globally.

New Team View Page.

Now you can get info of your team member attendance records from the team dashboard by visiting the teamview page. Get Cost records of your staff from the team cost tab. Edit permission of your team from the permissions tab.

New Forgot password

If you have forgotten your Jamku password there is an option to reset your password through OTP, sent to your registered mobile number.

New Change passpord

Option to change your password, also when changing password (Your Name > Change Password), Jamku now tells you how secure your new password is.


  1. Now you can store international mobile numbers under clients profile
  2. Now you can store your own Client id for all clients.
  3. Client number and Client Id columnadded in task stage details dashboard table.
  4. Group information added in task history page table.
  5. Minor CSS fixes.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug fix in attendance and work done analytics report.
  2. Add password type button bug fixed.
  3. Browser notification bug is solved.

3.11.0 21 Mar 2020

Jamku 3 is out of Beta. Task Costing, Group view, Bug Fixes, Improvements

New Task Costing

Manage all your task costing and billing status information from Task Costing page.

New Group View

Now you can have all group information from the group view page. Click on Group name in Client List to view Group.

New Billing Tab in Task View

Manage the billing status of Task using Billing Tab in Task View. Also compare cost cost and hours.


  1. Label option in note type in task history page.
  2. Enter task billing information and change the billing status from the billing tab
  3. Delete client compliance from the compliance edit modal.
  4. If a folder is expired, it's background color will turn to red in client view folder list.
  5. Now Profile List looks good on mobile screen.
  6. Now Task todo page is mobile reposonsive.
  7. Now you can search client based on groupno's from client list.
  8. Now you can add complaince to client from compliance tab of client view page.
  9. Now you can calulate task profitability and task hours from the billing tab.
  10. Enter estimated hours for particular service to complete.
  11. Added link to service name in client compliance tab.
  12. Reminder list is now available in tabular format.
  13. The background color will turn to yellow if reminder priority is 1(i.e. High).
  14. Increased width of client names in client list.
  15. Minor css Fixes.
  16. Improved navigation styling on every page. It is more compact which enables you to use more screen space for your data.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug of client view's folder list props.
  2. Fixed bug of repeating columns in client list tabular format.
  3. Fixed bug of form clear on save.

3.10.4 Beta 07 Mar 2020

Todo List, Task History, Task planning, Improvements, Bug Fixes

New Todo List

Manage all your task todos from Todo list.

New Task History

Now you can view all the history about task changes at one place.

New Task Planning Module

Task planning launched in beta.


  1. Now you can add custom client no by clicking on the Advance button in client create stepper.
  2. Creation date can now be added while creating single task.
  3. Added taskname2 in work done analytics report.
  4. Minor css fixes

3.10.3 Beta 06 Mar 2020

Bug Fix

Bug Fix

  1. Fixed bug in work done time calculation.
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