2019 November

3.5.0 Beta 28 Nov 2019

Bulk Service Create and copy task team members,Stages Summary Report, Bug fixes and Improvement

New Stage Dashboard

Added task stage Dashboard

New Import Feature

Added Service Import Feature

New Bulk Feature

Added Bulk Copy team member feature

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in client create import


  1. Now Reminder list is mobile responsive
  2. You can add, update and delete stages from stage master.

3.4.3 Beta 23 Nov 2019

Bug Fixes and improvement

Bug Fixes Task Field Tab

  1. Fixed bug in bulk client task create.
  2. Fixed bug in generating desktop notification.


  1. Improved multiple form UI.
  2. Task search and Task view page is now mobile friendly.
  3. Team member name and id can be updated now.
  4. Changed task field value size to 100 characters.
  5. Added report filter in attendance

3.4.2 Beta 21 Nov 2019

Task Field Tab

New Task Field Tab

  1. Update your task custom fields value from the task fields tab.

3.4.1 Beta 19 Nov 2019

Bulk Task Stage change feature, Bug Fixes and Improvement

New Bulk Feature

  1. Now you can change multiple task status in bulk.


  1. Task List page and attendance Page is now resposive
  2. Login page now has keep me login feature, so that you do not need to login everytime.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed minor bugs.

3.4.0 Beta 18 Nov 2019

Import Module, Bulk Add Feature and Improvement

New Import Module

  1. Import. Now you can bulk import Client, Client Group and Client Contacts

New Bulk Add Feature

  1. Now you can create tasks and tags of clients in bulk, by selecting the clients from the client list
  2. Team member can be assigned to multiple tasks from the task list.


  1. Service View - Service name is now clickable
  2. Service List now has count of clients along with periodicity
  3. More pages are responsive on Mobile
  4. Login Page - Now press enter to login, when on username/password field.

3.3.0 Beta 05 Nov 2019

Reminder Module,Notification, Bug Fixes and Improvement

New Reminder Module

  1. Now manage reminder in Jamku.
  2. Create Reminder at one go.
  3. Assign or delete team member for a reminder.


  1. Get Notification on your browser after a task is assign to you.
    (To enable notification, click on the Enable Browser Notification button on your dashboard)


  1. Added Reminder count in dashboard calendar
  2. Better Looks
  3. Updated Libraries

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed minor CSS
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