2019 December

3.9.0 Beta 29 Dec 2019

Password Module, Improvement, Bug fixes

New Password Module

Manage all your client passwords information from password list.


  1. Improved Folder List page UI
  2. Added service type beside service name in service list.
  3. Copy your client username and password by clicking on it.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in folder list in client view page.

3.8.2 Beta 27 Dec 2019

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in copy team members.
  2. Work done report filter issue fixed.
  3. Task search bug is fixed.

3.8.1 Beta 26 Dec 2019

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. Improved stage dashboard and implemented progress chart.
  2. Now you can add 2nd name for task while creating it.
  3. Add stage description for stages in stage master.
  4. Get count of going and stuck task in service view.
  5. Now you can filter one-time(task without a service) related task in task search page.

Bug fixes

  1. Now the expired folder chip shows the count of folder expired till date.

3.8.0 Beta 22 Dec 2019

Profile Module,Folder Module, Improvement

New Folder Module

Manage all your client folders information from folder list.

New Profile Module

Manage all your client contacts and personal information from Profile list.


  1. Improved Service Card List in dashboard
  2. Improved Stage detail report.
  3. Improved task filter and added color legend in task list page.
  4. Now Filter task according to task completion percecntage.

3.7.4 Beta 19 Dec 2019

Folder Module, Improvement, Bug Fixes

New Folder Module

Manage your physical file records through Folder Module on client dashboard


  1. See service wise going and stuck task count on your dashboard.
  2. Added sorting functionality in Attendance, Field Dashboard, and Workdone report.

Bug Fixes

1.Fixed bug in Attendance Report export.

3.7.3 Beta 15 Dec 2019

Team Cost Import,Service Category, Improvement

New Team Cost Import

Added Team Cost import

New Service Category

Now you can categorise your service using service category.

  1. Create service category using category master.
  2. Edit Service(pen icon) in service view and select service category.


  1. Improved date format
  2. Now you can also create client while creating task.
  3. Better comparison for exporting at Attendance analytics.
  4. Imroved Bulk task creation

3.7.2 Beta 14 Dec 2019

Stage Dashboard Details tab, Improvement

New Stage Dashboard Details Tab

Now you can get the details of stages for each task.


  1. Reminder gets assigned to the one who created it by default.
  2. Implemented quick filter in reminder search based on reminder due date.

3.7.1 Beta 13 Dec 2019

Bulk Task Period change, Bug Fixes, and Improvement

New Bulk Feature

Added option to change task period in bulk.


  1. Now a task todo without any category is group into general category
  2. Added group name in work done analytics
  3. Added mail functionality in contact list in client dashboard

Bugs Fixed

  1. Bugs Fixed in non service task create.

3.7.0 Beta 09 Dec 2019

Task and Service Todo,Category Master,client Profile, Bug Fixes, and Improvement

New Category Master

Now you can add, edit and delete categories.

New Task and Service TODO.

Implemented task and service leve todo feature.

New Client Profile Tab

Now you can save client's profile information.


  1. Improved Service master UI
  2. You can now edit and delete shortcut
  3. Added whatsapp and dial functionality in contact list in client dashboard
  4. Now you can add client tag by selecting from the list or creating a new one.
  5. Improved attendance page UI.
  6. Added Create and Modify details in client edit tab, task edit tab, attendance present and absent list, service edit modal, profile edit modal, shortcut edit modal.
  7. Improved task fields tab datatable UI.
  8. Now you can add another name for a task from task edit tab.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in Client Task Create
  2. Added form validation in client tag modal.
  3. Fixed bug in Stage dashboard.
  4. Fixed Bug in isactive field of service edit modal.
  5. Fixed bug in task search.
  6. Fixed issue in shortcut list.
  7. Changes done in profile list.
  8. Fixed bug in attendance page.

3.6.0 Beta 01 Dec 2019

Field Dashboard, Bug fixes and Improvement

New Field Dashboard

Implemented Custom Fields Dashboard

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in task and client update.
  2. Now Stage Dashboard shows correct count.
  3. Fixed validation of attendance category length.
  4. Label description while updating is now optional.


  1. Now Stage Dasboard is mobile responsive
  2. Task Filtering now is smarter.
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