2023 May

3.30.5 26 May 2023

Bug Fix

  1. Now all the records from the Document List can be exported, earlier it used to export only 100 records.

3.30.4 26 May 2023

Bug Fix

  1. Todos Copy feature for Subtask is working as expected.

3.30.3 25 May 2023

New Bill Line Items List

The page presents a tabular representation of all the bill line items.

3.30.2 22 May 2023

3.30.1 14 May 2023

New Bill Line Items

To enable this feature, please visit the Office Config and go to the Settings tab. Then, enable the Bill Items option. Please note that the user adding bill items must have the Bill Line Items permission.

To add bill line items for a specific task, subtask, or hearing, navigate to the Billing tab of the respective task or subtask. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the +Add button in the Bill Line Item card.

Once the bill line item is created, users with the Money permission can select the desired bill line items and create a bill by choosing the selected items.

This feature helps in accurately tracking and documenting expenses by breaking them down into specific bill line items, providing better transparency and control over billing processes.

3.30.0 08 May 2023

New Jamku Portal Browser extension.

If you are saving user IDs and passwords for Income Tax and GST in Password Module if Jamku, this update is going to be a save you a ton of time. Ensure that you add the respective site URL in the Office Config -> Password type. Install the Jamku Portal extension. Now, when you click on the link for Income Tax and GST in the password list, the credentials (which are saved in Jamku) will be automatically filled on the login page. Visit https://github.com/madrecha/portal/discussions/223open in new window to know more.

2023 May

3.29.50 05 May 2023

Now you can unlink task from a bill, if the bill is not posted. Using "Unlink Task From a bill" import feature. Visit Data Import and choose Unlink Task From a bill and follow the usual data import procedure. This is helpful if you want to delete tasks in bulk.

3.29.49 01 May 2023

Bug Fix

  1. When viewing todos by category, the feature for marking todos as complete is working as expected.
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