2019 October

3.2.1 Beta 22 Oct 2019

Bug Fixes

BugFix Form Validation

  1. Task List buttons now work as expected.
  2. Forms displays exact errors rather than check parameters.

3.2.0 Beta 18 Oct 2019

Attendance Module & Bug Fixes

New Attendance Module

  1. Now manage attendance of team members in Jamku.
  2. Create Attendance Category (Example: Half Day, Late, Leave, Exam Leave)
  3. Analyse attendance data using Attendance Analytics (Example: Average IN Time, Number of Days Absent/Present/Late/Leaves)

BugFix Permission

  1. Task View and Client View - Now adheres to permission
  2. Calendar - If user does not have all permission, show error

3.1.0 Beta 12 Oct 2019

This is the first release where the database is now connected to Jamku 2

New Add Label to task

New Workdone Analytics

3.0.1 Alpha 03 Oct 2019

This is the first public release of Jamku 3. It is in Test Mode. Jamku 2 and 3 are not connected.

New Task Label

New way to manage your tasks.

  1. Go to Label Masteropen in new window
  2. Click on Add button and create lables. You will need Admin permission to add Labels
  3. Open any Task (aka Task View) and click on + button o left of team members to add labels to Task

New Report Filter

Instead of just 2 ways to filter all the reports - All, Only My, now we also have My Team.

  1. Goto Team Settingopen in new window
  2. Click on the name of the user for whom you wish to change the permission.
  3. Set Full Report permission to My Team. In Jamku2 it's callled Self
  4. Add Team members to the user.
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