2020 August

3.17.5 25 August 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. In Todo List page added incomplete todos status by default in the search field and task status filter.
  2. Now you can also change the group visibility from the Client Activation page.
  3. Now you can also make your team visible to your clients, so the client can know whom to contact for thier respective tasks. By default all the team visibility is set to Yes. To change the team visibility Admin permission is required.
  4. In Client Portal -> Task view, the task also has the task team list and thier mobile number and email id information. This will help client to know whom to contact for a particular task.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of loader which was seen on empty bulletin on main dashboard.
  2. Team task card in Daily Dashboard the count of task where shown wrong in same cases for the respective team members, this issue has been fixed now

3.17.4 21 August 2020

New Search experience in Todo, New Integrations, Client Login Beta Launch, lots of improvements and bug fixes.

Todo List page search gets a new look. It allows searching in a more friendly way. We have also added pagination to the page, which has 100 todos at a single page and also improved the speed of searching and fetching data.

New Integrations

More info here

  • Client Group
  • Task v2
  • Task Billing
  • Profile
  • Password
  • Folder
  • Shortcut
  • Task Team
  • Task Fields


  1. Now you can add and remove multiple team members to multiple sub task by selecting the subtask and clicking on Add/Remove Team Members.
  2. New Fields in task costing page -> Is Billable, Billing Reference, Is Receipt Done, Receipt Date, Receipt Reference. Also you can update the given fields by clicking the Task Costing Edit Template button and following the usual data import procedure.
  3. Now in daily dashboard you can see Team Member wise Going and Stuck tasks allocation as per service and then all the non service based task has been grouped into one group by name One Time Task.
  4. Category type filter in Office Config -> Category page.
  5. Now you can add team members while creating task.
  6. Added Is client visible option in Profile, Password, Shortcut and Folders. If this is set to yes, the data will be seen by your clients once they login to our login portal.
  7. Now you can search Subtask custom notes in Task History Page.
  8. Added Is Notify checkbox in Task verify dialog box. If the checkbox is selected then only notification for task notes will be sent to all the team members of the task.
  9. In Task Status Update dialog box, the background color of Task priority field changes when 1 or 2 is set as a priority.
  10. Added Total Hours column in Attendance Analytics page which shows the total time the user was there(in a office) if both intime and outtime is updated for each date.
  11. Now you can edit Profile Details and Folder Details from the table view itself by going to the respective list pages and selecting Table View and switching to Bulk Edit.
  12. Minor UI improvements.


  1. The following values are to be updated in Folder List while editing from table view -> Folder No,Folder Name,Folder location,Expiry Date,File CategoryFile Profit Center,File Cost Center.
  2. The following values are to be updated in Profile List while editing from table view -> Attribute,Information,Description,Profile Type,Confidential,Used for Communication?,Group Visibility?.

Bug Fixes

  1. While adding workdone for subtask todos, the work done was not getting added to the subtask instead it was getting added to task. This issue has been fixed now.

3.17.3 09 August 2020

Client Login activation, Import for updating group in bulk,Copy General Permissions, Improvements, Bug Fixes

New Alpha Launched Client Login activation.

New Import -> Group Edit

To update the Group in bulk follow the below steps

  1. Visit Group List page and click on the excel icon.
  2. Make the necessary changes.
  3. Visit Data Import page and select Group Edit option and follow the usual data import procedure.


  1. Kindly do not make any changes in the groupno column.

New Copy General Permission's for a team member

You can copy a permission of a different team member and then assign it to the team member who's profile is being viewed.
Steps to be taken are as follows:

  1. Just visit Team List page and then click on the team member's name for whom you want to copy the permission. Visit Permission tab of that team member.
  2. Click on the Copy Permission button and then select the team member's name who's permission you want to copy and then click on the save button. All the general permissions of the selected team member will get copied to the viewed team member's profile.


  1. Removed Contact option from Category.
  2. Now reminder card shows only those reminders which are created till date and before.
  3. Now Client View -> Profile Tab displays data in table from list.
  4. Added task period and year and removed clientno in Current Todo card in main Dashboard.
  5. Now you can add/remove multiple labels for multiple tasks.
  6. In Folder list table view, the expired folder data is shown in red text color.
  7. Now you can add workdone in Todos for task as well as subtask.
  8. New Fields in task billing -> Is Billable, Billing Reference, Is Receipt Done, Receipt Date, Receipt Reference.
  9. Added task teams column in Field Dashboard
  10. Now Client's DOB and Pan card detail could also be seen in Client Dashboard.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed password permission issue which did not allow to view info of passwords when the password view permission was set to Self.

3.17.2 03 August 2020

New Notificaiton, Improvements, Bug Fixes

New Task Note Add Notification

When a note is added to a Task, all the team members in the task will get a notification.


  1. Decrease the app size for faster and efficient performance of app.
    The mobile app is now just 458 KB and the desktop app is just 12 MB (excluding fonts & icon)
  2. Tabular format in Folder List page.

Bug Fixes

  1. The labels data was not shown correctly in tabular format of Task List page. This has been solved now.
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