2023 March

3.29.39 10 March 2023


  1. To mark Attendance using geo-location, now the user have to upload image strictly using the phone's camera. The process where they could upload a selfie stored on their device has now been restricted for more accuracy.

3.29.38 04 March 2023


  1. You can now verify subtasks in bulk from the Subtask List page.
  2. Previously, updating the target date for multiple subtasks from the Subtask List page required admin permission, but now it only requires subtask edit permission.
  3. The Task Stage dashboard table view now includes additional columns for Task Category, Task Cost Center, Task Profit Center, Client Category, Client Profit Center, and Client Cost Center.

3.29.37 03 March 2023

New Attendance Delete Permission

  1. To delete attendance, the user must have the Attendance Delete permission instead of the previous requirement of having the Attendance permission. By default, the permission is set to All. Please make the necessary changes according to your needs.


  1. Now you can export all the bill and receipts into excel, by clicking on the Excel icon in Group View -> Money Tab

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed gap in Task View -> Todo list tab while viewing todos grouped by category.
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