# 2021 June

# 3.24.2 June 2021

# Bug fixes

  1. Fixed problem of work hours in Task Costing In task costing report earlier workdone hours were appearing as blank, only in cases where team cost was missing. #524 (opens new window)

# 3.24.1 9 June 2021

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. https://github.com/adarshmadrecha/jamku/milestone/30 (opens new window)

# New Integration Data Paths

# Improvements

  1. Added Team category filter in Daily Dashboard -> Task Stock card. #537 (opens new window)
  2. Added Work Day column in Workdone Analytics Report. #579 (opens new window)
  3. Now you can force stop the timer. To do this click on the button beside timer in the header. This will open the workdone dialog box, and beside the promt of Time is on we've provided an ban icon button. Click on that to stop the timer force fully.
  4. Work Done suggestions are now shown for today as well as for the past two days. #572 (opens new window)
  5. Added option to reset numbering in Bill lines card in Bill View Page. #568 (opens new window)
  6. Now you can send requested documents email to clients. Visit Client View -> Documents Tab -> Requested Tab, here you'll see an Send Email button. Once you clicked on this button a dialog box will appear. In which there are three fields
    1. Email from -> Select the mail id from which you want to send the email. If you cannot see the email in the drop down. Kindly check your office config whether you've added your email ids or not.
    2. Email Initial Text -> You can write the initial text or body of the email or any description or notes that you want.
    3. Email Ending Text-> Here you can add the footer of the email or your details.

After this click on Generate Email button. This will take you to the next step which will show you how the email will look like. The email will consists of your body, list of documents and then the footer. Now click on the Send button. By default the Subject of the email will be Pending Documents. #517 (opens new window)

  1. Now data get's reload automatically if report filter is change on most of the list pages.
  2. We've extended the task creation date limit from 2000 to 5000 days in past.
  3. In case while sending email if the client has unsubscribe to jamku emails. This will be seen in the message column while showing the status of each email in the Bulk Tracking page.
  4. Added task Description column in Task List table view.
  5. Improved UI of Task create dialog box.
  6. Now if you have set scheduler for any service period. So while creating task, due date and creation date are automatically updated as per scheduler. Also you'll get a hint text of start month and end month of the period below the period drop down field, iff scheduler are set for that period

# Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the slow ticking timer issue. #569 (opens new window)
  2. Fixed the issue of service view routing in Service List table view.
  3. There is a fix in Others Todo Completion permission. This permission is used to complete todos assigned to other team members.
Last Updated: 12 Jun 2021