2020 May

3.15.0 31 May 2020

File Upload, Copy Todo, Imrovements, Bug Fixes

New File Upload

  1. The most anticipated module is finally here.
  2. Upload digital files to Jamku. This will act as a anytime anywhere access to files as well as additional backup of client files.
  3. If uploaded file has same name, it will increment the file version and save both the files.
  4. File can be uploaded at Task, Client and Sub Task Level.

New Copy Todo

Now you can copy you todo from another Task/SubTask.


  1. Get information about who created the task fields and by whom it was modified at latest in task field edit dialog box.
  2. Updated icon position, rearrange data and improved layout in Daily Dashboard - Task Stock Card.
  3. Tabular format in Password List.
  4. Tabular format in Profile List.
  5. Added reminder note column in Reminder tabular format list.
  6. Wrapped words to next line in profile, todo list instead of truncating the data.
  7. Now you can delete subtask.
  8. Date column is now sortable in Task Work Done tab.
  9. Access information about who completed the subtask from Subtask View page.
  10. Access information about who verfied the task from Task View page.
  11. Access information about who completed the todo in Todo tab of Subtask View and Task view page
  12. Sub Task list now shows which team member have marked the sub task as completed and which have verified the sub task.
  13. Minor UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug of undefined coming as an option in service category dropdown while filtering tasks using Task Search Options in Task List.
  2. Fixed task count issue in Daily dashboard - Priority Card.
  3. Fixed date and time bug in Daily Dashboard - Time Tracking card.
  4. Shortcut URL issue fix for firefox browser.
  5. Button Loader issue fixed while sending email in bulk.

3.14.2 24 May 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. Update task stage directly from stage dashboard, by double clicking Yes/No & select value from the cell dropdown.
  2. Main Navigation search text filter is reset after navigation. This will save time while navigating.
  3. In Task View > Fields Tab > Now you can clear field values, if you have mistakenly updated the field values.
  4. Task List > Bulk Team Members Add/Delete Dialogue now has better coloring to show which action is being performed
  5. Attendance Page now shows count of team members present and absent.
  6. Now in login logs we also capture device's information.

Bug Fixes

  1. In Task List searching basis service category is now working fine.

3.14.1 20 May 2020



  1. In Main Dashboard Target card, sub task count is shown only if Is Subtask Active is set to Yes in office config.
  2. Now you can bulk update task description using task edit import feature.

3.14.0 16 May 2020

Todo and workdone in subtask,New template of Data Import for Task Custom Fields, Improvements, Bug fixes

New To-Do get's a major overhaul.

  1. To-do can be added to Sub Task.
  2. Added new field - instruction, Todo Group
  3. Moved to Seperate tab.

New template of Data Import for Task Custom Fields

The new import template is column based while the previous was row based


  1. Feature to add work done in Sub Task
  2. Now users can edit their own work done within 24 hrs of adding it to a task.
  3. Dashboard has a new Work Done Card, which shows today's and yesterday's Workdone
  4. Daily dashboard now has an option to view work done details by clicking on the hours value in Team Time Sheet.
  5. Now you can add multiple to-do's at the same time by entering to-do name in new line.
  6. Main Dashboard shows count of Sub Task in Task Target Card.
  7. Bulletin now supports styling and URL links

3.13.5 09 May 2020

Non compliance Dashboard, Addtiona data import features, Improvements, Bug fixes

New Non Compliance Statistics in Compliance Dashboard.

Now you can see which clients don't have their Task created yet.

New Data Import.

  1. Task Create
  2. Default Team members for Service, Client and User.
  3. Stage Master


  1. Half Yearly option in compluance fashboard.
  2. Improved experience whileadding team member to Task.
  3. Now you can edit public and private billing note in task costing report as well as using data import feature.
  4. Now you can filter clients as Service View -> Compliane Tab, w.r.t clients name and active and non-active compliances. Also the clients name are sorted based on their first name.
  5. Details of who updated the billing information is now shown in billing tab in Task view.
  6. Cost column is shown in work done analytics only to those whi have money permission.
  7. Added refresh button in task work done tab.
  8. Minor UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug of marking subtask as complete in sub task view.

3.13.4 01 May 2020

Task Stock in Daily Dashboard, Staff Deactivation Workflow, Bulk Task Fields import, Permission Changes, Improvements, Bug fixes

New Task Stock Card in Daily Dashboard

Task Stock card will give you an idea of the total number of current (Going + Stuck) as per team member

  1. Opening Balance: Task at the start of the period
  2. Assigned: Tasks which are allotted during the selected period
  3. Completed: Tasks which are completed during the selected period
  4. Pending: Current Task at Hand

New Staff Deactivation Workflow

Now staff can be deactivated using 3 steps.

  1. The first step will allow you to remove the user from all the tasks that has been assigned to it. Also if you want, then you can replace it with another team members.
  2. The second step will let you remove the user from all the services and client default team.
  3. The third step has an option to delete the user's team and also remove it from the another users team in which it was assigned. It is not mandatory to follow all the above steps, you can skip the above steps, and then click on the deactivate button in the third step.

New Import Feature

Now you can add/update Task Fields in bulk using Task Field Import Feature. The steps to be followed is written in field dashboard.

Permission Changes

  1. Bulk task status updated now requires Bulk Task permission. Earlier it required Admin permission
  2. Bulk add/remove task team members now requires Bulk Task permission. Earlier it required Admin permission


  1. Option to add/remove multiple team members from task in bulk.
  2. Option to create hearing of task from task dashboard.
  3. Now you can edit task status from field dashboard too.
  4. Errors get displayed in all the service view page related forms instead of check parameters.
  5. Divided Task aging card in daily dashboard into two section.
    • The first section with a red background, shows going and stuck tasks which were due till today for each month.
    • The second section with a green background shows the going and stuck task whose due dates are in future for each month from today.
  6. Team cost tab in service view now has an option to refresh and shows the amount of time the list was previously fetched.
  7. Fields tab in service view are ordered by fields sort no. Also a ban icon is displayed for fields which are deactivated.
  8. Service fields can be deleted if no task has been linked with that particular field.
  9. Service field edit dialog box shows created and modified info.
  10. Task name, create date, due date and target date can now be change using Task Edit import option.
  11. Now you can add client profile from profile list too.
  12. Profile information such as mobileno, emailid, etc can be copied to clipboard on clicking the info once.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed route issue in team view page.
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