2020 September

3.18.1 27 September 2020

Improvements, Bug fixes


  1. Option to delete task fields. Task Edit permission is required to delete the fields
  2. Now for one time task Fields tab in task view has been hidden.
  3. Document dates are now clearable.
  4. Option to export stages of all services by clicking on Download Services Stage present at the bottom of Services List
  5. Improved UI of Office entity add dialog box. To create your office entities from Office Config -> Master tab and click on Entity.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of Inward and outward dates being set to null on update of any field in document.

3.18.0 26 September 2020

Document module, Office Entity, Improvements

New Document Module

To enable Document. Goto Office Config -> Settings tab and select Yes for Document field in Feature Activation section and click on Update. Document Module or most people like to call it as the Inward Outward module allows you too keep a track of documents recieved from or sent to clients. All the operations in the document module are based on the Document Permission The categories for Document can be created in Office Config -> Document Category page. To create category Admin permission is required

New Office entity

Create your office entities from Office Config -> Master tab and click on Entity. This would later be use while billing tasks.


  1. Added new permission for document(hasdocument) in Team View -> Permission Tab
  2. Added Suggestions in Todo List which will act as a shortcut to filter all your todos. In the upcoming versions you can save your search shortcuts.
  3. Now on changing Service Name you can also update taskname of all tasks relted to that specific service.
  4. Now you can copy Target /Due date for multiple tasks from previously created task for respective clients by selecting the task in Task view and clicking on the Date Copy button
  5. Now Team member filter is available on Dashboard -> Service Card
  6. Improved UI of Office Config page.

3.17.10 17 September 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. Added IsCompleted filter in Subtask List search.
  2. Added Client' category, profit center and cost center in Task List table view
  3. If a particular user adds a workdone using time and if any workdone has already been added which will be overlapped by the current work time, it will not allow the user to add thier work description.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed issue of client name remaining blank when the folder was added from Client View.
  2. Fixed issue that occurred while adding workdone

3.17.9 11 September 2020

SubTask search, Import for Folder Update, Improvements, Bug Fixes

SubTask List page search gets a new look. It allows searching in a more friendly way. We have also added pagination to the page, which has 100 todos at a single page and also improved the speed of searching and fetching data.

New Import -> Folder Update

To update the Folders in bulk follow the below steps

  1. Visit Folder List page and click on the excel icon.
  2. Make the necessary changes.
  3. Visit Data Import page and select Folder Update option, download the template, fill the sheet as per changes and follow the usual data import procedure.


  1. Kindly do not make any changes in the folderid column.


  1. Added background color to subtask status chip in Subtask View
  2. Now press [f5] shortcut key on all the list pages to load data.
  3. Added link to respective analytics page on Task view -> Dashboard -> Stage Card, Task view -> Workdone Tab and Task view -> Fields Tab
  4. Now you can see the total work done and time spent for the client in Client View -> Dashboard tab, by clicking on Work Done card.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of Attendance category update.

3.17.8 08 September 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. Table save format is also implemented in Service List, Task Costing List, Task History List, Stage Dashboard, Task View -> Fields Tab and Login Logs List

Bug Fixes

  1. In Task List table view, clientname was not seen, this has been fixed now
  2. Fixed the issue of two Add buttons which were seen while adding work done in bulk from Task list -> Add work done dialog box.

3.17.7 04 September 2020

Sub-Task Copy, Save Table format, Improvements, Bug Fixes

New Sub-Task Copy

Now you can copy you subtask from another Task in Task Dashboard tab. This feature is only available is you have activated subtask in Office Config

New Save Table Format

Now you will be able to save the order of columns and see columns which you wish to see in Table view. This feature is been implemented in Client List, Task List, Group List, Folder List, Password List, Profile List, Reminder List and Hearing List. To save the format select the columns which you want to see and order them as per your wish and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save Format button.


  1. Added icon for showing the receipt status in task view card.
  2. Added subtask name column in Task View -> Work Done tab.
  3. The username in mobile view is now displayed inside an icon with only the first initial, thus making more space for the office name to be displayed
  4. Added numbers to cards in daily dashboard. Also made some fixes in ser interface
  5. Permission for file delete(hasfiledelete) is now moved to Special Permision card.
  6. Assignedto column in Dashboard -> Current Todo now shows team member name instead of mobile number.
  7. Now you can create task with date of creation 1000 days before and after the current date.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed client name issue in Dashboard -> Reminder Card

3.17.6 01 September 2020

New Permission, Improvements, Bug Fixes

New Permission for file delete(hasfiledelete)

Have added new permission for file delete. Only owner can change this permission.

New Stage deactivation

Now you can deactivate stage for a service from Service View -> Stage Tab and clicking on the edit ✏️ icon. By doing this the deactivated stage would not be seen under the task.


  1. Option to add category for Hearing
  2. Now you can sync your new todos created at service level into already existing tasks, by clicking on the Sync Todos button in TaskView -> Fields tab.
  3. Improved Daily Dashboard -> Folder Expiry card user interface.
  4. Now you can delete passwords in bulk by selecting the Passwords from the Password List and clicking on the Password Delete button. Admin permission is required to delete passwords.
  5. Now you can export work done details for each task from the Task View -> Work Done tab by clicking on the excel icon
  6. Added help in Import templates

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the bug which was letting import to be done for a small amount of rows. Now you can copy and import a nearby 2000 rows of data at once.
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