2022 May

3.29.1 27 May 2022

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/66open in new window


  1. Now if Client level is billing. Then bill location can only be created at client level.
  2. We have added clientid column in Create Bill and Create Receipt template at Data Import page. In order to create bill and receipt respectively in bulk at client level

Bug Fixes

  1. If bill is created at Client level. Then Bill Edit page shows tasks and expenses for that client. #1065open in new window.

3.29.0 26 May 2022

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/65open in new window

Announcements 📣

  1. We have launched an IOS app for Client Portalopen in new window
  2. New Jamku Chat Android appopen in new window

New Report Filters

#1048open in new window. In this update we have introduced a better way to manage your own report filters. To implement follow the steps below.

  1. Visit User Profile page.
  2. Under the Report Filters section. Select the filters as per your choice. Make sure you have this filter permissions granted.
  3. Now whatever filter you have chosen will get reflected in the whole software. For ex: If you have chosen Client Filter as My Team. So whenever you visit Client List, My Team report filter will be selected by default.

Note: This report filter management is system specific and browser specific. As the data is stored in the browser itself. If you're using Incognito Mode to manage report filters, the data will be lost as soon as you close the window.

New File Upload at Expenses

Note: Only for offices who have purchased file upload. Now you can upload files at expenses

  1. Visit Expense Tab in Task / Client View.
  2. Add Expense by clicking on "Add" and then "Save".
  3. Click on the pen icon to edit expense. You'll see an File Upload tab.
  4. Upload the files/images you want to in that tab.

New Billing at Client Level

Now you can create a bill at client level. We have enabled this for all office.

  1. Now when you visit any Client View page. You'll be able to see Money tab (If you have money permission). You can create a bill/receipt for that client.
  2. Also now when you go to Group View -> Money tab, and click on bill/receipt create. You'll be able to select client under that group. If client is not selected the bill/receipt will be created at group level itself.

To disable client level billing, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Office Config -> Settings tab.
  2. Under the billing section. Select the value for Billing level field as Group.
  3. Click on Save button.

Note: By setting the bill configuration to Client you have both option - Group as well as Client Level. If you set it to Group, you only have Group option.


  1. Now you can see attendance modified time (aka System Time for Out Time) in Attendance analytics page. #1053open in new window.
  2. Optimized office config view API. This has improved the performance of all functionalities of all components where office configuration was needed.
  3. Now you can see isdeleted (isactive) field in client edit import template in Data import -> Client Edit tab. #1050open in new window.
  4. Now you can create a new group at Client View -> Edit Tab page as well 1016open in new window.
  5. Report filter removed from Bill List page. Now users with Money permission will be able to see all bills.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed global client search initializing. 1020open in new window.
  2. Improved Dashboard -> Task Target Date card performance.

3.28.9 09 May 2022

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/64open in new window


  1. Optimized bulk Task delete, Task Dates Copy, Task Team Copy, Client Delete#1033open in new window.
  2. In Client View -> Edit tab, we know show group id along with group name. #1015open in new window.
  3. You can now see Pending Inward documents in Client View -> Dashboard tab and Group View -> Dashboard tab. #1040open in new window.
  4. While creating solo clients. In the advanced section now you can also enter Client Id. #1017open in new window.
  5. Now you can add Default Team member to client from Client List. To do this, select the clients from client list and click on Add Default Team Members button and do the needful. #1035open in new window.
  6. Now you can add/remove task from Today's plan for yourself from Task view page. To add/remove task to/from today's plan just click on the switch present beside Task Name. #920open in new window.
  7. Now you have an option to clear category while marking intime from Attendance List page. #1028open in new window.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of zombie button in File List tab. #1037open in new window.
  2. Fixed Today's play card UI. #1042open in new window.
  3. Fix category list bug in todo add dialog box at the service level.

3.28.8 04 May 2022

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/61open in new window


  1. Optimized notes list API. This has improved the response time for Task Notes list, Subtask Notes List, Task History, Todo history List.
  2. Have improved UI of the Import helper.
  3. In Service View -> Compliance Tab, now you can search client numbers as well.
  4. Improved Service View mobile view UI.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fix Import helper page error count issue in Category card.
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