# 2021 May

# 3.23.5 06 May 2021

# Improvements

  1. Now you can add amount upto 2 decmimal figures in Billing Line.
  2. Better Notes Notification on Task Notes. Now you can see task details as well as client details.
  3. Added vertical scroll bar in FolderList at ClientView -> DashboardTab, if the list contains more than 5 files.
  4. Now you can edit TaskList in tabular view also. just keep toggle button in editmode.
  5. Added Outstanding Amount in ClientList (TableView).
  6. Removed FullScreen button from ClientNote editor in ClientView -> DashboardTab.
  7. Made some margin fixes in Bill print format 1.

# Bug Fixes

  1. Fix the issue of attendance category not been added when marking location based attendance

# 3.23.4 06 May 2021

# Improvements

  1. Added service name to title in chips which shows task count in compliance dashboard to avoid confusion.

# Bug Fixes

  1. Fix issue occurred while shifting unbilled task to billed task in bill view.
  2. Removed accuracy validation while marking attendance using location. But do always use mobile for marking location based attendance.
  3. Fixed "linkid not defined" bug while creating task in bulk.

# 3.23.3 03 May 2021

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. https://github.com/adarshmadrecha/jamku/milestone/22 (opens new window)

# New Create Bill Lines Import feature.

Facility to bulk Create Create Bill Lines through excel Import.

  1. Visit Data Import page
  2. Select Create Bill Lines option, and follow the usual data import procedure.

# Improvements

  1. New Editor for saving client note in Client View -> Dashboard tab. Hope you all like it, do let us know your views on the whatsapp group, whether you want us to implement the same on other pages or not.
  2. Added icons for folder type in Daily Dashboaord -> Folder list
  3. Now icon is shown for deactivate team members in client and service Default team list.
  4. Now the tables list shows Total no of rows, Filtered rows, Rows selected in the bottom of the table. This has been implemented in main pages such as Task List, Client List, Group List and on list pages where you can select the rows from tables.
  5. Now hearing edit dialog box also gets open while clicking on the hearing name. And the edit icon is now also available in table view.
  6. Added Outstanding amount in Client List. This can only be seen by those users who have money permission.
  7. Task name 2 is now shown in Billed task card in Bill view page.
  8. Now Profile List, Password List, Folder List report filter is based on Client report filter permission. Earlier it was based on normal Report Filter permission.
  9. Now negative value accepted in ClientOutstanding amount field.
  10. Include a OutstandingRemark section below Client outstanding amount field on ClientEdit page.And that is optional.
  11. Now you can enter 2 decimal figures in task expected cost column in TaskView->Billingtab.
  12. Added CreatedDate in TaskList edit template.
  13. User Interface improvements

# Bug Fixes

  1. Fix main navigation filter issue
  2. Fix bill lines issue while updating bill line number in bill view page. Now its working as expected.
  3. Fixed Invalid date issue for client dob in Client view -> Edit tab
  4. The issue in compliance dashboard while navigating to task list and showing all the tasks of that service and period irrespective of task status and report filter. This has been fixed now and is working as expected.
  5. If a member is added to client or a service default team, and then it is deactivated. So while creating the task of that client or service, the deactivate team member would also get added. This has been fixed now
Last Updated: 06 May 2021