2021 September

3.25.12 13 September 2021

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/41open in new window

New Self Todo Completion Permission

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  1. Added help section in Export page. #767open in new window

  2. Now notification is send to all the members of the subtask when a note is added at subtask. #747open in new window

  3. While copying subtask from Task View -> Dashboad tab, you can also assign target date based on subtask which are copied. To do this enter the number of months in the Month Offset field. This will add the number of months mentioned to the copied subtask target date and then assign it to the newly created subtask. i.e Only the date from previous subtask will be copied and month and year will depend on the value of month offset provided by user. In case if no month offset is passed target date will be empty while copying subtask. #769open in new window

  4. There are two import options to update bill location. The difference between the two is as follows.

    1. Update Bill location -> You can update all the fields except the locationid
    2. Update Bill location(Old) -> Here you cannot change the locationid and groupid, except that you can update the remaining columns.
  5. Added Location Link To and Location Link Id column in Bill List page which states information to which the client's location is linked.

  6. Now you can also add Task completion date while creating task using import feature.

  7. Performance Improvement by making some enhancement in the code.

  8. Minor UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of notification when a manual note was added to a task. #765open in new window
  2. Fix the issue of adding task estimated cost while the task is created. So while assigning estimated cost to task, if cost is added at compliance level then it will be assign else the cost added at service level is assigned. If nothing is stated at compliance or service level then task cost is 0.
  3. Fix the issue of Home page -> Service Card not displaying task count.
  4. Fixed the bug while adding workdone in bulk through Task List page.
  5. Fixed the issue of empty query while enabling print lines in Bill view page when billed task are not present.
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