2023 January

3.29.30 20 January 2023

Bug Fixes

  1. Shortcut copy to clipboard functionality is now working as expected
  2. Instead of 0 and 1 for task verify column in Task List table view, it will now show 'Yes' or 'No'.

3.29.29 19 January 2023


  1. Now you can assign team members to a reminder while importing reminder("Reminder Add") from "Data import" page.
  2. In case if subtasks are present for a particular task, then while adding workdone to that task you'll get an option of selecting a subtask. So that workdone can be added at subtask level.
  3. "Task verify" column in "Task List" table view.

3.29.28 04 January 2023

New Reminder Add Import

Now you can add reminder using "Reminder Add" import feature. Visit Data Import and choose Reminder Add and follow the usual data import procedure.


  1. Folder list table view now has Group No and Group Name column.
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