2020 June

3.16.4 27 June 2020



  1. Added table list view in Group List Page
  2. Stuck reason can now also be seen in Task Stage dashboard.
  3. Uploaded files older versions can now be downloaded by clicking on the version name in file list table.
  4. Now folderno/ foltype can be repeated for different clients.

3.16.3 25 June 2020



  1. Stage no can now be edited by clicking on the edit(pen) icon in Service view -> Stage Master tab.
  2. Corrected Todo Complete permission label.
  3. Shifted Allow todo completion config from Stage Master to Todo in Service View page.
  4. Added help section in Service view -> Team tab.
  5. If a task is based on a service, then in file upload you can see the count of total no.of files being uploaded at the service level. This can be seen only if offices have opted for file upload.
  6. Icons can be seen in Service View page tabs.
  7. Created and updated info can be seen in Stage master edit dialog box.

3.16.2 24 June 2020

Todo Config, New Import Options, Todo Delete permission, Improvements and Bug Fixes

New Todo Config

For each service you can specify whether to allow or disallow task/ subtask to be marked completed if any of the todos are remaining. This can be done from Service View > Stage Master tab.

New Import Shortcut Update in Bulk

Now you can update your shortcut in bulk using the import feature. To do this select Shortcut Edit from the dropdown present in the Import page.


  1. Do not make changes in the shortcut id column.
  2. Kindly make changes only in the following columns link, linkname, category, pcenter, ccenter.

New Import Password Update in Bulk

Now you can update your shortcut in bulk using the import feature. To do this select Shortcut Edit from the dropdown present in the Import page.
Steps to be taken are as follows:

  1. Goto Password List page, scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the Download Password Update template button to export all your passwords.
  2. Make the required changes.
  3. Visit Data import Page, select Password Edit from the drop down and follow the usual data import procedure.


  1. Do not make changes in the pwdid column.
  2. Kindly make changes only in the following columns typeid, clientusername, clientpwd, descp.

New Todo Delete permission

Todo Delete permission required to delete a todo from task/ subtask. The admin/ owner can grant or revoke this permission to a user from the Team View > Permission Tab


  1. Client name is now shown on Dashboard > Current Todo card
  2. Now you can create group from the Group List page. For creating group the user needs to have Master Data permission.
  3. Quick filter task based on category, profit center and cost center in Task history and Task Costing page.
  4. At Task Costing page, previously the task was fetched using the task creation date by default, is now changed to the completion date.
  5. Now you can export your stages from Service View > Stage Master tab by clicking on the excel button present on the right side of the tab.

Bug Fixes

  1. Team members were not being removed from todo. This issue is fixed now.
  2. The loader problem while creating reminder is fixed.
  3. File upload, edit and file list permissions has been fixed.

3.16.1 20 June 2020

Improvements and Bug Fixes


  1. By pressing F5 fetch list of tasks in Task List page. This does not reloads the whole page, instead it's a shortcut key to load the list which is usualy done by pressing the cloud button present on the page.
  2. Added call button link to telephone numbers in Client and Group Contact list, Profile Tab and Profile List page.
  3. Now most of the forms get's clear after the details are saved.
  4. Added relative time for completed todos Task View -> Todo Tab and Sub Task View -> Todo Tab
  5. Relative time can now be seen in Dashboard -> Current Todo card in the Time column. So that the users can have an idea of how much time from now was the todo assigned to them.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of filelist not loading in File Upload Tab.
  2. The Number digits of Task and Client in Office Config -> Numbering Setup had an issue while updating. This has been fixed now.

New Workflow Module

New awesome module, which will help you answer, "Which is the next thing you have to work on?".

Join the live training session on youtube which is scheduled to be on 20 June 2020,to get a detailed description about this module and how you can get benefit using this module.

New Todo Template Item Edit.

New option to update Todo template items from the Data Import page.


  1. Notice all your current todos from the main dashboard in Current Todos card.
  2. Now users can examine assigned, completed and pending Subtasks from Daily Dashboard -> Task Stock Card. The sub task values can only be seen if Is Sub Task Active field is set to yes in Office Config.
  3. Added page refresh icon on the top of Service View, Client View, Task View, Sub Task View page. So, Instead of clicking the browser's page refresh button, users can click this icon to reload the content of page. Keyboard Shortcut for this button is F5.
  4. Service List has a new table switch. Choose between Table or Card View.
  5. Export subtask template in excel from Subtask Template List page.
  6. Export all your subtask template items into excel by clicking on the Download Subtask template items button present on the bottom of Subtask Template List page.
  7. New Column Uploaded by in File upload list to reveal who uploaded the files.
  8. Added Current chip to filter todos quickly in Todo Tab -> Todo Tab of Task and Subtask.
  9. Export client compliances details in excel from Service View -> Compliance Tab.
  10. Hover on task name to see the full Taskname and Taskname2 in case if the name get's truncated in Task List Page.
  11. Now users cannot mark "Present" attenndance of a Future Date.
  12. Shortcuts Card in Task View & Client View can now be seen in mobile app too.

Bug Fixes

  1. Earlier the altering of client category, profit center and cost center using the Client Bulk Edit feature in Client list didn't work as expected. This issue is been fixed in this update.
  2. Whatsapp and call feature is now working properly in Group View Page.
  3. Now you can clear category fields from all the Masters - Client, Client Group, Task

3.15.6 15 June 2020

Improvements and Bug Fixes


Notification Configuration Page (Your Name > Notification Config) Currently it is beta. It shows which devices are currently receiving notification.

UI Improvements

  1. Better styling on tabs. The active tab is now clearly visible.
  2. Added icons on each tab in Task View, Client View, Sub Task View Page.
  3. Better look to display Pending todo count in Task > Todo Tab and Sub Task > Todo Tab.
  4. Repositioned Select All button in Client List, Task list, Group List for intuitive user experience.
  5. Task Cards in Task View are more compact to show more information.
  6. Work Done Details dialogue in Daily Dashboard is more compact and have close button.
  7. Rearranged Team Change button in Task View for consistent user experience.
  8. Sub Task View now has green / blue border on the left similar to Task View Page.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed whatsapp and call button issue in Client profile list.
  2. Sub Task Priority Edit

3.15.5 13 June 2020



  1. File upload at Service level. Now store all the template files for the task in Service.
  2. Now you can add todo's using todo template for Sub Task. Sub Task View > Todo Tab > Add From Template Button.


  1. Client's First name character limit has been increased to 60 characters
  2. Folder name character limit is increased to 100 characters.

3.15.4 12 June 2020

Sub Task template, Improvements, Bug Fixes

Sub Task Template

Now you can define a Template for Sub Task.

  1. Go to

Office Config -> Sub Task Template -> Add template

  1. Go to

Task View -> Dashboard Tab -> Add sub task from template

This will make sub task creation


  1. Now form errors are seen on folder add/edit modal.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue of stage master template download in data import.

3.15.3 10 June 2020

Import Todo Template, Todo template item, Improvements, Bug fixes

Import Todo Template

This is helpful to import multiple Todo Template details at once into Jamku.

Import Todo template item

Using the template id represented with a prefix # in Todo Template List, you can import multiple todos at once for different todo templates.


  1. Template ID now can be seen in Todo template list represented with a prefix #.
  2. Todo Item Id now added in Todo Item list represented with a prefix #.
  3. Edit Billing date for multiple task from the Task Costing page by double clicking on the cell and writing the date in format(YYYY-MM-DD).
    NOTE: The billing status must be updated to Billed before entering the date, or else it will not get updated.
  4. If you want to delete all work done from multiple tasks. You can use our Work Done delete feature from the Data Import page.
    NOTE: Admin permission is required to carry above work done delete operation.
  5. Improved UI of task create modal.
  6. Form Errors are now displayed in task create modal.
  7. Task Name2 characters limit has been increased to 100.

Bug Fixes

  1. Removing team member from sub task now work as accepted.
  2. While creating folder, expiry date was set to year 1900 if the expiry date. The issue is been fixed now.
  3. Period options text field, while creating single task is now reactive based on the periodicity.

3.15.2 06 June 2020

Import work done, Task team members, Improvements, Bug Fixes

Import Work Done

This is helpful if you wish to migrate your existing timesheet data into Jamku.

Import Task Team Members

The new imporved task team member import is designed to help import the team member sigged to tasks in a easy to use template.


Added client ID in

  • Folder List
  • Password List
  • Profile List

If you have have specified your own custom client ID, these pages will now show Client ID instead of Jamku generated Client No.

Minor Changes

  1. The folder card in Client View now has beautiful light background and icon to show where is folder (Digital Signature / Physical File) located
  2. API keys are only visible to team members with Admin Permission
  3. Now you can share your task and client in mobile app.

Bug Fixes

  1. Editing a workdone record now works as expected

3.15.1 02 June 2020

Group List,Import service fields Improvements, Bug Fixes

Group List

Now access all your groups information from our Group List page. Group List page allows to to select client groups and delete them in 1 click.

Data Import

  1. New Service Fields data import
  2. Updated Service data import. Now it contains all the columns which are present in service master


  1. Now you can export your service and service fields into excel. New button in added in Service List Page.
  2. Group can be deleted from the Group View -> Edit Tab, only if no clients are added to that group.
  3. Added quick toggle chips to filter pending todos in the Todo Tab in 'Task View' & 'Sub Task View'.

Bug Fixes

  1. While clicking on "pending" hearing in client dashboard, It listed "all" hearings of clients. This issue is been fixed. Now it only list "pending" hearing.
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