2021 December

3.26.2 20 December 2021

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/49open in new window


  1. Shift bill print lines up/down on a single click(of arrow icons) in Bill edit page. No more pesky editing of sort number. #829open in new window.
  2. Now you can move bill location from client level to group level and vice versa of a particular group by using the Move Location feature in Group View -> Bill Location tab #842open in new window.
  3. Now you can edit team and labels in Task List "Table View". For this switch to Edit mode and click on the Task Team or Task label cell of any task in table view. #868open in new window. #843open in new window.
  4. Improved UI of Task history (aka Task Notification) page. Also now the note type you select get's stored in the browser. So next time you visit this page those options are automatically selected. #867open in new window.
  5. Improved the UI of Todo Template View -> Template Items list. It looks same as Task View > Todo tab. #847open in new window.
  6. In Work done suggestions page when you select a client, along with going and stuck tasks you will also see today's completed tasks. Also added Work Done Card in this page same as Dashboard page, which will show's today's and yesterday's work done by you. Check out this #856open in new window for background on this feature request.
  7. Task Notes character limit has been increased from 300 to 500 characters. #837open in new window.
  8. Now you can remove target date from task in bulk. To do this select the tasks from Task List. Click on Update Task button for bulk update. Under Info tab select Target Date, let the date value be empty and click on the update toggle and then click on Update button. #855open in new window.
  9. Todo target date cannot be a past date from today. Only applicable when adding or changing target date. #851open in new window.
  10. Following into is shown create time, created by, modified time, modified by; on Receipt Update dialog box and Bill edit page. #854open in new window. #853open in new window.
  11. Now you can send emails to your team in bulk. Goto Office Config -> Email -> Team Emails tab. Select the team members. Click on Send Email button. Fill the necessary details and then click on Send. #836open in new window.

Bug Fixes

  1. By default notes timeline filter in Sub Task View -> Dashboard tab is set to manual notes. #865open in new window.

3.26.1 12 December 2021

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/48open in new window

New Target Day in Subtask Template Items.

This feature can help you specify the target date for subtask created using subtask templates. To use this feature follow the steps below.

  1. Visit Office Config -> Subtask Temaplte. Now in the subtask template list click on any subtask template.
  2. Click on the Add button or the Pen icon, a dialog box will appear. You'll see Target Day field in it.

The Target day field works as follows.

  1. To specify the target date for subtask. Add the number of days in Target Day field while creating or updating a subtask template item. The target date will be assigned based on the Target Day value provided and Task Due Date in which this template is added.
  2. To make the Subtask target date same as Task Due date make Target Day as 0.
    For ex: If Task Due date = 12 December 2021, and you've enter 3 in the Target Day field. Then the Subtask target date = 9 December 2021 i.e 3 days before Task's due date.
  3. To assign the Subtask target date after it's respective Task due date assign a negative value to Target Day field.
    For ex: If Task Due date = 12 December 2021, and you've enter -3 in the Target Day field. Then the Subtask target date = 15 December 2021 i.e 3 days after Task's due date.


  1. Added Todo Group field while creating/updating todo template items. So groups are now directly assign to todos when added in task through templates.
  2. Now you can also specify Target Date for each todo. #544open in new window.
  3. Now the File upload tab in Task View, Client View and Subtask view can only be seen if the feature is activated for your office. #834open in new window.
  4. Added link to Task no to route to Task view in work done add dialog box. #824open in new window.
  5. Options to copy unique email ids from Client List -> Send Email -> Copy Emails tab. #835open in new window.
  6. Improved the font style for serial number in Bill Print preview pages. #839open in new window.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the report filter issue while navigating from Home calendar to Task List. #838open in new window.

3.26.0 05 December 2021

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/46open in new window

New Bill Move from one client group to another

Now you can move bills and bill Location from one group to another. #369open in new window, #665open in new window To know more about the process check this out -> How to move Bills from one client group to anotheropen in new window

New Option to disallow task completion if subtask is pending.

Similar to todo config now you can set subtask config as well to allor or dis allow task completion based on pending sub task. To configure this setting, visit Office Config -> Settings tab. #801open in new window.


  1. On bill view page, to update client location just select the location from the dropdown. It will auto update the client location without the need to click Save or click on "Enable Printing". #821open in new window
  2. Bulk import update of shortcut has new fields - linkto, linkid, linkname and isclientvis. Use "Shortcut update" in data import page. #819open in new window
  3. Highlighted the count of Pending subtask and hearing in Task view -> Dashboard tab. #801open in new window
  4. Navigating to new page will automatically scroll to the top of the page. #828open in new window
  5. Entity legal name character legth increased from 50 to 200. #820open in new window

Bug Fixes

  1. Bill reset numbering issue has been fixed now. #817open in new window.
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