2021 November

3.25.17 14 November 2021

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/45open in new window


  1. Now you can see groupname and group number on the card title of Bill View page. #730open in new window

Bug Fixes

  1. Now Task Planning page will only show Going and Stuck tasks. #794open in new window 2.There was a breaking in one of the package we use for the editor, due to which the editors in Enitity Create, Group view -> Dashboard tab were broken. This has been fixed now. #808open in new window
  2. Keyboard shortcut F5 is now working on Home screen. #805open in new window
  3. Fixed the date fields order in Bulk task create dialog box #806open in new window
  4. Password List page update template download is now working as expected. #809open in new window

3.25.16 07 November 2021


  1. Faster bill creation for Single Task. Navigate to Task View > Billing Tab > Billed In card click on the +Bill button. The Description of the bill is automatically filled as per the task name and compliance period, year if present. Clicking on Save will create Bill and add the task to the bill. The Amount mentioned in "Task Expected Cost" will be defaulted for Bill Amount.
  2. Option to remove Deactivated clients from Global Search. Go to Office config > Office Master Tab > Global Search Button. Enter "Client No" to remove it from global search.
  3. Faster search for Documents and Expense related to a Client. In Client View > Dashboard Tab, has two new buttons for Document and Expense which will redirect you to the respective list pages and filter the data for that client.
  4. Better experience for Expense Search. When filtering for a Client, it will show all the Expense - Added to Client or Task of that Client.
  5. Bulk Team Member add to Todo. Now you can assign team member to todo from Todo List by selecting Todos.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the bug of an extra call to API on all search pages. This was resulting in slugging User Experience, specially for Task Search.
  2. In "Task Target Date" was appearing after "Due Date". This was not consistent with "Task Status Edit". It's now fixed.
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