2022 March

3.28.0 14 March 2022

To view all the feature requests implemented in this version check out GitHub page. github.com/madrecha/jamku/milestone/56open in new window

New Task Fields Permission

We have bought a new permission to update task fields value. This permission can be seen in the Related to task section of the Permissions tab. #930open in new window.

New Profile Delete Import

Now you can delete your profile in bulk using the import feature. To do this visit Profile List, switch to table mode and click on the Download Template button at the end of the page. Select Profile Delete from the dropdown present in the Import page. Do not make any changes in the template. Just filter out the profiles you want to delete and follow the regular import procedure
Note: Do not make changes in any column. #882open in new window.


  1. Now you can export your receipts from Office Config -> Export page. #940open in new window.
  2. Receipt list is now similar to Bill List. #948open in new window.
  3. Now all the client visible custom task notes will be visible by client in Client Portal. #926open in new window.
  4. Added team member name, in daily dashboard while seeing work done details. #919open in new window.
  5. Now you can change the client after the task is created. #944open in new window.

Bug Fixes

  1. Solved the issue of end date field in compliance add/edit dialog box. #949open in new window.
  2. Fixed the bug of Previous Stage Completed calculation in Task Stage dashboard -> Summary card. #897open in new window.
  3. While creating tasks, documents added at service level are added to the task as well but they were not marked as requested documents. This has been fixed now. #947open in new window.
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