# 2021 January

# 3.19.11 23 January 2021

# New Bulk Attendance Insert And Update Functionality

New feature in Jamku which allows the user to Insert and Upload data through excel sheet in a specified format. Visit Data Import page and select InsertAttendance option, and follow the usual data import procedure.

# Improvements

  1. Added client tag column in TaskList(TableView).
  2. Instead of Mobile no you can see name of the User in Compliance Edit Dialogue Box in ComplianceTab (Client View).
  3. Better look of close and update button in Compliance Edit.
  4. We have used Virtual Scroll that will increase application performance in ServiceView -> ComplianceTab.
  5. Login Page now loads faster. The Mobile number input has better User Experience.
  6. Instead of Naming in DailyDashboard -> BirthDay Card.

# 3.19.10 21 January 2021

# Improvements

  1. Added Search option by - Task Category, Task PCenter, Task CCenter, Client Category, Client PCenter, Client CCenter in Task list. This will help in large task count.
  2. Now can see Created time, Created by, modified time, and modified by on Clientiew -> Compliance Tab .
  3. Added Compyear in TaskCosting Edit Template. Note:- Compyear is not editable
  4. Now you can add Task tag in TaskList->TaskView by selecting from the list or creating a new one.
  5. Team cost is the per hour cost/rate of the team member working in office. You can set different rates for different team members. All the data related to team cost can be imported from excel into Jamku via data import Team Cost. This template is available now, under Data Import.
  6. Now you can view all the stuck and going task in Service card on Home Page.

# 3.19.9 5 January 2021

# Improvements

  1. Amount and GST field marked as required in Bill Lines page.
  2. Now you will get SAC CODE in bracket.
  3. Search filter of BillNos and GroupNos of Bill List page was not working. Now it's fixed.
  4. We have added Groupname Clientname and Comperiod in TaskCosting Edit Template template but that is not editable.
  5. Now you can see Groupname in Task Costing table

# Bug Fixes

1.Solved the issue of compliance id is required while creating task in bulk for recurring services.

Last Updated: 24 Jan 2021