2020 December

3.19.8 31 December 2020

New Task Status template

  1. For writing the reason for stuck up and ignored task now you can create templates Follow the steps
  2. Goto Office Config then click on Status Reason Template.
  3. Add task status for Stuck and Ignore task.
  4. Now you can select reasons for stuck and ignored task from the dropdown on Task List


  1. Updated Bill Location Create in Bulk template by adding notes / instructions.
  2. Updated Bill Location Update in Bulk template by adding notes / instructions.
  3. Solved the issue of compliance id is required while creating task in bulk for recurring services.
  4. Clicking of Excel Button download all records and not just 100 records in Sub Task List and Todo List.
  5. Search of LegalName is working now on Bill List page.
  6. Updated packages for better performance.

Bug Fixes

  1. WorkDone Future starts at UTC time, it should start at user's Time Zone time it's fixed now.

3.19.7 24 December 2020

New Import option, Improvements.

New Import Bill Location Create And Update in Bulk.

Now you can Create And Update Bill Location in a bulk using the Import feature. Kindly follow the below steps

  1. Visit Data Import page and select Create Bill Location and Update Bill Location option, and follow the usual data import procedure.
  2. Visit Data Import page and select Update Bill Location option, and follow the usual data import procedure. Note:
  3. Kindly do not make any changes in the dataid, datainfo columns.


  1. Totime and Fromtime can not be same while adding workdone.
  2. Now you can add SAC/HSN code in Bill Print module.
  3. If the office licence is expired then you will get list of expired offices in the admin page.
  4. Now you can edit profile in bulk Client View->Profile Tab
  5. Since we are showing all bill location in Bill List and all receipt in Receipt so removed header Bill List from Money Tab.
  6. Previously if you want to send mail to the client then you need to copy that client number go to client list paste it in client number and then select for sending mail. Now you can directly send emails on Task List by clicking on Send Email/SMS tab
  7. Added EmailSubject in Email Template Tab

3.19.6 17 December 2020

Improvements in Billing Module

  1. Now you can select bill type as a Invoice from the dropdown in Bill Print module.
  2. Rearranged the contents of Bill Print page.
  3. Better look of Bill Print page.


  1. Added folder description in Folder List
  2. Marked description field required in Receipt GroupView->GroupList->Money Tab
  3. Added Client No 2 filter in Field Dashboard
  4. Updated JamkuImport excel sheet Download Data gathering Template on jamku website (https://madrecha.com/jamku/). All the services mentioned in the data sheet must contain values of Periodicity, for which the service is provided to the respective client. Kindly do not write YES or NO in the cell. The periodicity are yearly(Y), monthly(M), quaterly(Q), half yearly(H).

Bug Fixes

  1. If the amount is large in Bill Print, it spills to 2nd line. Now this is fixed.

3.19.5 15 December 2020

New Import Shortcut Create in Bulk

Now you can Create your shortcut in bulk using the import feature. To do this select Shortcut Create from the dropdown present in the Import page.


  1. Now an option to clear period and year, if a task is non recurring service or one time task in TaskView->Edit Tab

Bug Fixes

  1. When we update a wrong value in the Field Dashboard table , the table's filters and all other column movements are reset.Now it is fixed.

3.19.4 11 December 2020

Imporvement , Bug Fixes

Improvements in Billing Module

  1. Previouly if you have already post the bill and you are trying to delete that bill then it will show Bill has tasks, Bill can not deleted .Now if you want to delete the bill which is already posted then follow the following steps:
    1. Click on Unpost button it will remove all the assigned task to that particular bill.
    2. Remove all the task from Billed Task
    3. Delete the bill by clicking on delete icon in Bill Edit
  2. Whenever any edit is being done to Bill Location it just disappeared. Now this query is solved.
  3. Prefix max limit have been increased from 7 to 12 with special characters.


  1. Added (pen icon) to edit Receipt in Receipt List
  2. Updated Receipt Search page which will increase the performance.

3.19.3 10 December 2020

Improved Bill Printing, Bug Fixes

Improvements in Billing Module

  1. For the ease of payment collections, now you can add QR code feature to bill print.
  2. Paste your QR code url in the top textbox Paste your QR Code URL here and enter.
  3. You don't have to enter QR logo again and again. If you have entered QR url once that will appear when you will visit the Bill Print module.
  4. Remark 1, Remark 2 and Declaration max limit have been increased from 400 max to limitless.


  1. Added reload icon to the Offentity view Bill Print 1 Bill Print 2 Bill Lines
  2. Previously you can download only 100 records on pagination page in Sub Task List. Now you can download all the data at one click.
  3. Better Look of Bill Print page.
  4. Updated our core libraries, this will improve performance.
  5. Better UX of Todo Tab (In Task and Sub Task view) on mobile.
  6. Now you don't have to add image url each and every time to get your logo in Bill Print. This will save time, so if you have entered logo url once you can use same url forever.
  7. Added QR code for payment collection
  8. Bill formats now resembels Jamku 2 bill formats.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug in workdone analytics Workdone Analytics. This should make the report faster and no lags.

3.19.2 7 December 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. In the previous update we had only 1 format of bill print page. Now we have added 2 formats .You can select format 1 and format 2 (As per requirement) by clicking on dropdown beside Print Preview button.
  2. Format 1 is same as jamku 2 bill print without logo and proper content formatting .
  3. Format 2 is the advanced format with logo feature .You can add your own logo by entering url of that image. In this format content is different from the jamku 2 bill print.

Bug Fixes

In the past WorkDone Future starts at UTC time, Now it starts at user's Time Zone time.

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