2020 November

3.19.1 30 November 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. The creation date max limit have been increased to 2000 days.
  2. Team Cost integration api is available now. The route for the api is 📌 GET:/teamcost/v1/:apikey
  3. Improved performance of Bill View unbilled and billed task card. Also now the filter does not get clear on filtering task unless you are moving tasks on either of the unbilled or billed card.
  4. Added Balance column in Group View -> Money tab bill list. This would show the correct data only if you don't add any additional sorting in the table.

Bug Fixes

  1. In the previous update bill print page was showing GST columns even though gst was not applicable. This is fixed now.
  2. While updating table cell data in Task Costing page, the filter was getting removed while updating any cell, this issue is also fixed now.

Note: The bill print page is not formatted as expected. Kindly wait for few more days.

3.19.0 29 November 2020

Billing Module, Service Field Update Import Improvements, Bug Fixes

Billing Module

The most awaited feature is finally here. Currently its just a replica of the billing module which was available in Jamku v2. We are planning to add more features to this module in the coming days. So stay tuned for this.

Since we changed the database structure of billing module, billing will stop working in v2 of Jamku. Bill printing is only available for Indian Users. All users can create bill, only printing is available for Indian Users.

This update marks completion of all features of Jamku v2 now being available in v3.

New Service Field Update Import

To update the Service Field Master in bulk follow the below steps

  1. Visit Service List page and click on the Download Service Template on the bottom of page.
  2. Make the necessary changes.
  3. Visit Data Import page and select Serice Field Update option and follow the usual data import procedure.


  1. Kindly do not make any changes in the dataid, datainfo, serviceid, fieldid column.
  2. Also you can make changes in type column only if value is not equal to N or T or D and the character limit for this is minimum 2 and maximum 250 and must be space seperated


  1. In Work Done Suggestions, to ease your work of adding workdone now you can select a client and get its Going and Stuck tasks. Then simply add workdone for the same.
  2. Now you can also import tasks with status as Completed. Earluer only Going, Stuck, Ignore status was allowed. This limitation is now removed.
  3. In Task view -> Fields tab, fields are now synced automatically. No more need for syncying the fields manually.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of SQL Error, Contact while updating task in bulk using the Task Edit import feature

3.18.11 21 November 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. Visit Office Config -> Export to download all Files that've been uploaded. To download admin permission is required and the data can be downloaded for a period of within 6 months. More functions are yet to come on this page. So stay tuned.
  2. Office Entity Create & Update page get's a new look.
  3. Added color to chips symbolize task status on Task Status Card in Daily Dashboard.
  4. Improved performance of Subtask Search page.
  5. Now you can choose any period while updating a non compliance task from Task View -> Edit Tab.
  6. Subtasks are viewed in an ascending order of sortno if only one task subtask's are seen.
  7. Added isrequired and isunique fields in Service Fields import template.
  8. Made default profile type to Public while adding profile for a client.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Copy Email and Copy Mobile No functionality issue in Client List -> Send Email dialog box and now is working as expected.

3.18.10 03 November 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes

New Android app on Play Store

Relaunching Jamku app on Android Play Storeopen in new window. It has the exact same experience of the current mobile app. Just a familiar installation experience of downloading app through play store.


  1. Added link to todo dashboard page on Task view -> Todo List
  2. Added hints in dialog boxes of document module, which will notify you about the error while updating or adding documents
  3. Now the absent team memebers list can be seen in all task create and team add dialog box.
  4. Fixed the one minute issue in workdone, so now if you have added a workdone with from time as 3.30 pm to time as 4.00 pm, then you can add the second workdone from time 4.00 pm.
  5. Performance Improvement by making some enhancement in the code.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of compyear not getting removed/updated in Task View -> Edit tab
  2. In Group View card display, the select all check box is working as expected now.
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