2020 January

3.9.2 Beta 27 Jan 2020

Improvement, Bug fixes


  1. Added all services option in service card in dashboard.
  2. Better Spacing in Client profile and folder list.
  3. Added created and modified by info in password and profile edit modal.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in task create stepper for multiple client task create.
  2. Fixed client note bug.
  3. Fixed expiry date and deactivation date in folder edit modal.

3.9.1 Beta 29 Dec 2019

Password and Folder import, Improvement, Bug fixes

New Password Import

New Folder Import


  1. Now you can copy password and visit link from password tab in client view.
  2. Bulk Client's task create.
  3. Now you can add groupname of your own while creating client.
  4. Pie Chart on dashboard to present total count of tasks as per services and thier status(Going and stuck).
  5. Now you can add category while adding work done
  6. Two seperate fields for hours and mins while adding work done.
  7. Shortcut List in task view is now displayed by default.
  8. Get passwords and reminders creation and modification details.
  9. Now you can delete task and client.
  10. Added admin actions to copy multiple task due date to target date where target date is null.
  11. Now you can add compliance in bulk.
  12. Add work done in bulk.
  13. Added No, MyTeam, My and All permissions to mark attendance.
  14. Team Member name filter in compliance dashboard.
  15. Added billing filter in task search page.
  16. Added report filter in profile and folder list page.
  17. Now you can add team and label from task list.
  18. Added help in Stage Master

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in recurring text field in service edit modal.
  2. Fixed bug in client dob text field in client edit tab.
  3. Fixed bug in stepper count while creating task
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