2020 October

3.18.9 29 October 2020

New Import option, Improvements.

New Service Todo Update Import Feature.

Now you can Update serivce todos using the Import feature. Kindly follow the below steps

  1. Visit Service list and scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on Download Service Todos.
  2. Make the necessary changes in the template.
  3. Visit Data Import page and select Service Todo Update option, and follow the usual data import procedure.


  1. Kindly do not make any changes in the dataid, datainfo and todono columns.


  1. Now you can get to know and celebrate whose(Staff's or Client's) birthdays are on the current day by visiting Daily Dahboard -> Staff/Client Birthday.
  2. While adding team members to the task now you can get to know who all are absent for the next 7 days including today. Which will help you to manage task assessment a little better.
  3. Now you can copy todos from another Task/ Subtask of a specific Todo Category.
  4. On demand of multiple Jamku users, now the Stuck reason does not get removed if the task status is change from Stuck or Ignore to Going or Completed.
  5. Added folder description column in table view of Folder List.
  6. Now services on Compliance Dashboard are sorted based on Service Name instead of Service Nnumber.
  7. While login if your mobile number is registered for more than one offices. Then the offices list is shown in as radio buttons instead of dropdown to make the login process a little smoother.

3.18.8 19 October 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. Now you can see only active Services in Service List. But if you want to see all users then you can click on All.
  2. Added option to select todos and delete it in bulk in Todo List.
  3. Compact layout and data sorted by services and team member name in Daily dashboard -> Task Allocation card.
  4. Removed expired folder count in the Main Dashboard. And added icons which will souvenir the user to mark Attendance and visit Daily Dashboard.
  5. While updating team member information in Team View, Full Name and email id have been made optional.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue while Un-Verifying the task.
  2. Also fixed the issue of date fields in team edit dialog Details Tab. So if anyone is getting the date fields value as 1899-12-30. Kindly clear the value and update it. This issue may be faced by them who have updated the team member information after v3.18.7.

3.18.7 14 October 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. Improved Daily Dashboard -> Task Allocation card.
  2. Team members are ordered by the username in all Daily Dashboard card.
  3. Additional Details like Legal No,Address,Date of Joining,Date of leave,DOB of team member can be added by visiting Team View page.
  4. Added Category option in Data Import. So now you can add your categories in bulk.
  5. Increased the size of link while adding Shortcut to 2000 characters.
  6. Added client id with client name for all dropdowns of client list.

Bug Fixes

  1. The issue of clearing unique fields value in for tasks has been fixed

3.18.6 10 October 2020

Performance Improvement


We hope that this release will fix all the performance issues which users were facing since last 2 weeks.

3.18.5 09 October 2020

Work Done Suggestion, Bug Fixes

New Work Done suggestion Page.

Now you can get the list of tasks in which you might have done work for the current day. For this click on + button in the header and then click on Work Suggestion. This tasks are suggested based on the following aspects of the current day

  1. The Task in which you have completed stage
  2. The task in which you have completed todos
  3. The task in which you have added custom notes or whose status has been changed by you. This feature would be enhanced in the coming update. Kindly stay tuned for this.


  1. More performance improvements
  2. Added Document Id in Doc list page.
  3. Made improvements for better performance of app.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of toggle button not resetting to default in Bulk Bill Update dialog box.
  2. Fixed issue which was not allowing average time to be seen in Attendance analytics page.

3.18.4 06 October 2020

Improvements, Bug Fixes


  1. Improved the process of assigning data to table in Client List, Task List and Group List. Which would have been one of the reasons of slowing down the app.
  2. Option to select rows in Client List, Task LisT and Group List. Now you can perform all the bulk operations using this.
  3. While copying todo's from another task in Task View -> Todo tab. Now you can specify whether to copy TeamMember, Remark, Instructions as well by using the switch present on the right side of each label.
  4. Added cost info while exporting team members list to CSV. Cost can only be seen if user has Money Permission
  5. In Task Costing billing status, billing date, receipt status, receipt date has been removed from editable columns list. You can make use of Bill Info Update dialog box.
  6. All the assigned team members of the task can see subtask belonging to that particular task, even though they are not assigned to the subtask.
  7. Added description in Profile list.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue while adding work done in bulk when the detailed work done option was set to no.
  2. Copy Team Members bulk option in Task List is working as expected.

3.18.3 03 October 2020

Document list, Improvements, Bug fixes

New Document List

Now find all your documents at one place in Document List page. It allows searching of documents in a more friendly way.


  1. Improved User Profile UI.
  2. Better error message visibility
  3. Team members name in Daily Dashboard cards are sorted in alphabetical order.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of compliance add button not showing in task create dialog box.
  2. Fixed multiple warnings of list tables and other pages.
  3. Bulk Add Work Done card title was showing two titles inside card, this has been fixed now.

3.18.2 02 October 2020

Rearrange Main Navigation,Bulk update Billing Info, Improvements, Bug fixes

New Rearrange Main Navigation

Now an option to rearrange navigation list according to your choice. For this visit User Profile.

  1. In the Rearrange Navigation list section drag and drop your choices at specific position in2 the list.
  2. Once you're done with the shuffling of the options, click on Save
  3. Now open the navigation and click on the refresh button present at the right side or refresh the page.

New Bulk update Billing Info

Now you can update Billing Info for tasks in bulk by selecting the task from Task list and Task Costing page.


  1. Now you can to delete Subtask Status. Admin permission is required to delete the status and make sure that the subtask status is not added to any subtasks.
  2. Option to make field mandatory at service level. So now before completing every service based task, this mandtory fields would be check if they are filled or not. If the mandatory fields are not updated then it would not allow task to mark complete.
  3. Now you can add compliance while creating solo client based task.
  4. Search tasks by Receipt Status in Task list task search options.
  5. In document module request date can now be updated.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the issue of overlapping workdone error while updating workdone details
  2. While changing the task status to complete the complete date field remained empty even after selecting the date. This has been fixed now
  3. The issue of routing from subtask page and the query string getting reset has been fixed.
  4. Fixed issue of not resetting stuck task count on change of report filter in Daily Dashboard -> Priority card
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