Jamku API 🎨

API Basics 🎨

Jamku API are hosted on https://api.jamku.appopen in new window While we have created API to be restful, they don't follow restful conventions to the letter. Example: Most of the APIs use POST even though they are not performing any Create/Update/Delete.


The APIs are currently in alpha. They may change without any notice, thus causing your application built on top of these APIs to Fail suddenly. We recommend to get in touch with us before starting to these APIs. Drop us an email at jamku.support@madrecha.com

Authentication 🎨

Currently, only session based authentication is supported. In future, we plan to have have special pre-created token based authentication (To provide integration with Power BIopen in new window). Further Details /common#authentication

The recommended method to use API is to add a team member to the office and provide all permissions. Then use this team member only though API. Do not use this team member as general user. For better identification, name this user as 'API'

Response 🎨

We don't follow the general rest guideline for HTTP response codes. However you fill find our response to be consistent across the API Paths.

Response Codes

  • 200 : API was successful, even though the action may not be.
  • 401 : Not authenticated.
  • 403 : Access Denied.
  • 404 : API path does not exists.
  • 5XX : Server is down, API is having issues. Please connect with us if you are getting this error.

Getting Help 🎨

Found a Bug in API or Documentation, please raise an issue at Jamkuopen in new window. Even suggestions / feature request are welcomed on Github. Need help in understanding how to use Jamku or for anything else email us jamku.support@madrecha.com.

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