2023 February

3.29.35 23 February 2023

Bug Fixes.

  1. In Attendance location page, if the user changes thier device time the attendance was marked as per that time. This issue is now fixed.

3.29.34 21 February 2023

Bug fixes.

  1. Fix issue of outward category drop down list in Document Edit dialog box.

3.29.33 20 February 2023


  1. Better error messages on attendance location page.
  2. In all table view list pages Client name is not seperated into three columns First Name, Last Name, Business Name

3.29.32 03 February 2023

Bug Fixes

  1. From now on while syncing todos in tasks or subtasks, todo template description will be shown under "Todo Instructions".

3.29.31 03 February 2023

Bug Fixes

  1. While marking attendance location, the option to upload selfie will only show images and camera option in your file explorer
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