2020 February

3.10.2 Beta 26 Feb 2020



  1. Task custom fields can now be updated much more similar to excel.
  2. Now you can view task list in tabular format, with details of date for latest work done and changes.
  3. Client list can be viewed in tabular format too.
  4. When you copy task no OR client no it is copied in ',' separated.
  5. Now team member name is displayed instead of mobile number in task note list.
  6. Minor CSS fixed.

3.10.1 Beta 16 Feb 2020

Email Module,Bug Fixes, Improvement

New Email Module

Email Module Launched for all Offices.


  1. Want to track From and To time in Workdone? Now you can configure in office config.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in Add work done.
  2. Fixed few other bugs and improved UX.

3.10.0 Beta 09 Feb 2020

Email Module launched in beta.

3.9.3 Beta 05 Feb 2020

Bulk Client Edit, Task Delete, Client Delete, Bug fixes

New Import Feature

Added Client Edit Import Feature

Bulk Client Delete and Task Delete

Now you can delete client and task in bulk from the task search page and client search page respectively.


  1. Added Manual and automated filter options in note list.

Bugs Fixes

  1. Fixed bug in stage report graph
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