WorkDone 📒

Timesheet is called as "Workdone" in Jamku.

Any office must accurately account for the time its team members spend on tasks. Time entry involves users entering the time they worked on a task. This data is then used in

  • Task Costing to determine client/Task profitability
  • Team Efficiency to calculate team member's performance
  • Client billing to determine billing amount
  • Office Administration to know work performed by team members on a day to day basis

Adding Workdone

Since team members will be entering

Editing Workdone

Review Workdone

Seniors in the office would like to review workdone from time to time. Mainly for the reasons:

  1. Capture / Account the hours where the team members are spending time.

Workdone Delete

  • Admin can delete workdone of any team member.
  • User can delete their own workdone which was added in last 24 hours.
  • However workdone cannot be deleted for a locked period.

Locked period is defined in Office Configuration

Deleted workdone records can be found in "Deleted Logs". Navigate to Office Config > Deletion Logs button > Select Workdone from the drop down.

If you are wondering, why the word "Workdone"? It's not even a word in "English Dictionary" It's a word which we choose back in 2012, when Jamku was in still in private beta. Since then, we have stuck with this word to provide a consistent naming convention to our users.

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