Dashboard 👀

This is the landing page, once you login into Jamku, you will be taken to this page

Dashboard is divided into the following sections

  1. Bulletin / Info
  2. Tasks as per Target Date
  3. Reminders
  4. Calendar
  5. Service-wise Task

There is option to view this information for

  1. My (i.e.yourself) (default)
  2. My Team (i.e. Your Team)
  3. All (For entire office)


It just shows the information which is set by your admin in office config. Use this to show important office announcements / upcoming events, etc.

If your office licence is about to expire, the information is shown in this section. If your license expiry is within 30 days, you will see a notice in red color specifying days remaining for license expiry. Currently, there is no direct payment option to extend license. Please contact us for extending your license.

Tasks Target Date

Count of going and stuck tasks which have a target date set to

  1. Today
  2. Tomorrow
  3. This Week
  4. This Month
  5. Over Due (Tasks which have target date less than today).

Click on task count to see list of tasks. Clicking on task count will take you to Task List.

Reminder List

List of reminders which are not marked as complete.

Avaiable actions

  1. Create a new Reminder
  2. Edit Reminder
    • Change Due Date
    • Add / Delete Team Memebers from Reminder
    • Change Priority
    • Update Description
  3. Mark reminder as complete
  4. Delete Reminder


This calendar shows count on the date based on due date of

  1. Going Tasks
  2. Stuck Tasks
  3. Reminders

The super imposed calendar is great way to plan your week/month activities.

work done

Here you can know the work done . you can also know the deatils of the work such as

  1. Task name
  2. Description
  3. Hours (took to do the work).
  4. Client name
  5. Date
  6. Category
  7. From Time - To time
  8. Actions Also you can view the no of hours given to the work today and yesterday


Sometimes it is better to have a look at the total tasks as per services. This provides a holistic approach on number of tasks which pending (ie. Going and Stuck) for each service. Hence, apart from the list of service we also have pie chart to visualise.


  1. Pie chart show only going tasks by default, click on stuck button to show pie chart as per stuck task count
  2. Clicking on service name will take you to that service view
  3. There is filter buttons on top of service list
    • All
    • Only Recurring
    • Only Non recurring
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