Task List 👀

Task List apart from listing all the tasks (as the name suggests) helps in searching for the tasks. Along with listing the task's name it also lists the associated client's name and the group's name. The team members assigned to the task can be seen below the task's name and below that appears the labels given to that task. Task Status can be identified by the vertical colour bar given on the left side i.e. Completed , Going , Stuck , Ignore ,

The icons on the right side are the shortcuts for File Upload, Verification, Workdone, Task Status Edit and Shortcut Link. The dates mentioned below these icons are the Creation Date, Target Date, Due Date and Completion Date of that task.

Task List


  1. Bulk actions can be performed by selecting multiple tasks via the rightmost check box. See Bulk action section below for more details.
  2. Task can be created from the task list page itself by clicking on +Task at the top right corner.
  3. To download the list into Excel click on the Excel icon provided at top right corner.
  4. Tasks can be searched and filtered.

Search performs sever side filtering, while Filter performs filtering on your device. Searching is relatively slower but more granular, while filtering is fast and smart. Since search performs filtering on server, it restricts number of tasks which are downloaded on to your device. This is helpful if you want to export a limited number of tasks in Excel.

Task List will by default apply 3 search - User's with status Going or Stuck and created Before tomorrowReport filter helps to restrict access to the whole task list by selecting either "Only My" or "My Team".

Note: Target Date should always be in between Creation Date and Due Date.

Task Filtering

There are many smart filtering capabilties in Task List

Task & Client

This is the most smart of all the filtering in entire Jamku, afterall ability to quickly find a task which you are looking for defines the success of Task Management Software.

Simply go on adding filtering parameters seperated by space. You can enter any of the below things to filter. Watch a quick video below to see this in action.

  1. Task Name
  2. Task Number
  3. Client Name
  4. Client Number
  5. Client Group Name
  6. Client Group Number
  7. Task Period
  8. Task Status -> Either write the initial of status G,I,S,C or you can write the full form going, stuck,ignore, completed with a suffix . in both cases.
  9. Task Priority (Prefix with P and suffix with .)
  10. Task Year (Suffix with .)
  11. Task Verified (Prefix with V and suffix with . i.e V1. to filter for verified tasks and V0. to filter non verified tasks).
  12. Task Billing (Prefix with B and suffix with . i.e B1. to filter for billed tasks and B0. to filter non billed tasks).
  13. To filter task based on dates add the following prefix
    1. Task create date -> A:
    2. Task due date -> D:
    3. Task target date -> T:
    4. Task verified date -> V:
    5. Task complete date -> C:

After choosing the filter of your choice one of the following suffix needs to be added Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, LastWeek, ThisWeek, NextWeek, ThisMonth, LastMonth, NextMonth.

For ex: If you want to filter task that are due current month, you can write D:thismonth and so on.

  1. Task Team length (Prefix with @ followed by number.)

For ex: @2 will filter all tasks with 2 team members. If you want to filter tasks which does not have any team you can write @0.

  1. To filter task based on completion percentage of stages you can do 30% i.e number between 1 to 100 followed by % symbol
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