Profile 👀

Profile List shows the list of all the client details such as mobile numbers, ID's, addresses created till date.
By default all your accessible client's Mobile and telephone numbers will be shown.


  1. All client's profile in one place.
  2. Multiple filter options are also available for filtering.
  3. Can add/edit/delete the profile from here itself.
  4. You can copy profile information by clicking on it.
  5. In case of Mobile Numbers you'll be seeing a whatsapp icon which on click will redirect to the chat window of whatsapp web for that number.

Profile Filtering

There are many smart filtering capabilties in Profile List Simply go on adding filtering parameters in Search text field seperated by space. You can enter any of the below things to filter.

  1. Profile Attribute
  2. Profile Information
  3. Client Number and Client Name
  4. Client Group Number and Name
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