Group 📒

Grouping helps in easy identification for the same related clients of one family/entity.clients together for quick review and filtering. Example of a Client Group

  1. Mr A
  2. Mrs A
  3. Son & Daughter of Mr A & Mrs A
  4. Company run/operated by Ms/s A

The idea is to group all the clients belonging to same family/entity for whom the billing can be done together. Hence, 2 brothers will be part of the same client group if billing decisions are handled by only one of the brother. Then, later when one brother moves his business separately, you can create a new client group and move this brother (client) to this newly created client group (Change eg if possible).

Create Client Group

Client group can be created at the time of creating client itself. See Creating Client for more details.

Edit Client Group

To edit client group, go to Client List > Click on Group Name to go to Group View > Group Edit Tab.

View Client Group

Click on Group Name or Group Number in Client List

Tips 💭

  1. Create a Client Group called as Administration and under this create clients for tracking non-billable office work
    • Training
    • Admin Work
    • LIC
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