Client Login 📒

Now clients of your offices can visit Jamku Client Portal (v3)open in new window to get the latest updates on their tasks. Client login activation is done in 2 sections.

1. Steps to be followed by offices

  1. Add the client email id in the respective client profile in jamku. Profile tab
  2. Click on the client access arrow button as given below Client Access
  3. Now you'll be redirected to the Client Portal Access page. Click on the edit button as shown below and then choose Yes for Client login field and click on save. This will activate the client portal access for that client email id.

Client login

Client login Edit

2. Steps to be followed by clients

  1. Visit Jamku Client Portal (v3)open in new window. Enter your email id and click on Next. Enter the password and click on Sign In button. Client portal login

  2. Once Sign In, you'll be redirected to the home page.

Note :

  1. Make sure the the email id through which you are trying to login has been granted the client portal access from the office.
  2. If you are login in for the first time or if you have forgot your password.
    Click on Trouble Signing in and reset your password.
  3. In case you are not redirected to the home page after login. Contact your office and request them to activate your client portal access.
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