Task History 👀

Task history gives a detailed report of changes taking place in a task w.r.t team members, task status, date changes and custom notes. This report can be access from Main Navigation of Jamku.

Task History Default View The default view of Task History.

The report has 2 sections 1st - Filtering Options 2nd - Actual Table containing the details

Task Notes Filtering

There are many filtering capabilties in Task history page You can enter any of the below things to filter.

  1. Report Filter.
  2. Type of note (By default Task and Sub Task Custom Notes are selected).
  3. Filter Task based on note creation date.
  4. Task, Client and Group multi select category/profit center and cost center filter.

Task History - Table Mode

Table mode gives shows you data in tabular format. See below for the full list of

Task history Analysis - All Fields List

  1. Task No - Task Number to which workdone is added
  2. Task Name
  3. Task Name 2
  4. Time - The Date and time of when the changed took place.
  5. Description - Description of note
  6. By - Name of the team member by whom the changes were done
  7. Client No - Client Number of the client to which the task belongs to
  8. Client Name
  9. Group No - Group Number of the client to which the task belongs to
  10. Group Name
  11. Year - Task Year
  12. Period - Task Period (Eg - Jan, Feb, Q1, Q2, H1, H2)
  13. Task Status - Current "Status" of Task
  14. Task Create Date
  15. Task Due Date
  16. Task Target Date
  17. Task Completed Date
  18. Task Verified - (1 -> Yes and 0 -> No)
  19. Task Category
  20. Task ProfitCenter
  21. Task CostCenter
  22. Client Category
  23. Client ProfitCenter
  24. Client CostCenter
  25. Group Category
  26. Group ProfitCenter
  27. Group CostCenter
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