Client View 👀

Client View has below

Dashboard Tab

  1. Information
    1. Going Task
    2. Stuck Task
    3. Over Due Task
    4. Tasks not billed
  2. Contact Card
    1. Call Client by clicking on ✆ icon
    2. Chat with client on Whatsapp by clicking WhatsApp icon
  3. Shortcut Card
    1. Click on Shortcut link to open the File/Folder on your PC/Network
    2. Manage(Add/Edit/Delete) Shortcut
  4. Folder Card
    1. List down all the (Non-Deactive) folders along with location
    2. Expired folders are shown with light red background

Compliance Tab

  1. View all compliances (aka recurring tasks)
  2. Compare work done hours or cost for last 6 tasks
  3. Add compliance to client

Edit Tab

  1. Edit Client Master
  2. Manage (Add/Delete) client default team members

Profile Tab

  1. View all profile of the client
  2. Manage (Add/Edit/Delete) Client Profile

Password Tab

View All passwords of the client

File Upload Tab

  1. Upload files at Client Level
    Users need FileUpload:Yes/Self AND Master:Yes/Self permission to upload files at Client Level
  2. View / Preview / Edit / Delete files uploaded at Client level
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