# Client View 👀

Client View has below

# Dashboard Tab

  1. Information
    1. Going Task
    2. Stuck Task
    3. Over Due Task
    4. Tasks not billed
  2. Contact Card
    1. Call Client by clicking on ✆ icon
    2. Chat with client on Whatsapp by clicking WhatsApp icon
  3. Shortcut Card
    1. Click on Shortcut link to open the File/Folder on your PC/Network
    2. Manage(Add/Edit/Delete) Shortcut
  4. Folder Card
    1. List down all the (Non-Deactive) folders along with location
    2. Expired folders are shown with light red background

# Compliance Tab

  1. View all compliances (aka recurring tasks)
  2. Compare work done hours or cost for last 6 tasks
  3. Add compliance to client

# Edit Tab

  1. Edit Client Master
  2. Manage (Add/Delete) client default team members

# Profile Tab

  1. View all profile of the client
  2. Manage (Add/Edit/Delete) Client Profile

# Password Tab

View All passwords of the client

# File Upload Tab

  1. Upload files at Client Level
    Users need FileUpload:Yes/Self AND Master:Yes/Self permission to upload files at Client Level
  2. View / Preview / Edit / Delete files uploaded at Client level
Last Updated: 19 Jul 2020