Attendance 📒

Attendance tracking data is useful for a number of individuals. There are 2 main reasons why tracking attendance is vital:

  1. It reduces absenteeism - when you know your attendance is tracked, you’ll aim to limit your unjustified absences.
  2. It provides data that shows how productive you are - when you track attendance, you’ll be able to pinpoint the days you spent working.

Add Attendance

Users having Attendance- Yes only can add attendance. The user needs to select the attendance category, enter the arrival time of employee and then click on the present or absent button. Further the Marked attendance list gets segregate into two list, absent list and present list. The user can enter the departure time of the employee from the present list.

Delete Attendance

Users having permission Attendance-Yes only can delete attendance of another team member.

Attendance Category

Category help to classify staff. There is no limit to the number of category . Category can be added or deleted from Attendance Category page.
ex: For status(Present) Category can be Client Location Half Day...
ex: For status(Absent) Category can be Sick Leave Exam Leave...

Users having Admin:Yes permission can add/delete attendance category. You can make the attendance category mandatory

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