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Service is master setup in Jamku. Every service which is provided to the client is termed as service. Service can be of 2 types - Recurring and Non Recurring

Examples of Recurring services:

  • IT Return Filing
  • GSTR 1
  • GSTR 3B
  • ROC Annual Return Filing
  • TDS Return Filing
  • Advance tax payment

Examples of Non-Recurring services:

  • PAN card application
  • Project Report
  • GST Registration
  • Income Tax Notice Reply
  • Assessment under section 143(1)
  • Company Formation

When creating a task, you will have an option to select the task name from the service list or to specify the Task Name manually.

It is recommended you create service master for all the services you "generally" provide to your clients. For a rare one time type of service, you can create a task without creating service. The idea behind providing option to create task with or without linking to a service is to provide flexibility in using Jamku. The pitfall of creating a Task without liking to a service is that there will not be any Stages or Custom Fields for that Task.

Create Service

To create a new service, visit in new window and click on Add Button.

Service NameThis will be the default Task Name
Service TypeCategorize the Service
CostEstimated default cost

Service View

To view a service, click on Service Name in Service List. See stage master for details on stage.

Service Edit

Once the Service is created, the service can be edited anytime. You can change Name, Type, Estimated Cost.


  1. If you change the service name, the Task name will not get updated.
  2. Changes in estimated cost will only affect the Tasks which are created after the change.
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