Reminder 📒

Reminder is any job which you want to be reminded of. For example: Collecting cheque from a particular client. Pending Reminders appear on the Dashboard of assigned team member.

Create Reminder

Reminder can be created from the Dashboard or Reminder List page. While creating a reminder one has to mention a 'remind date' so that from this date the reminder will show up on the dashboard and will be there till the time it is marked as completed. Once a reminder is created team members can be assigned by clicking on Edit icon. Reminder can be marked as completed just by toggling the switch against it.

View Reminder

Reminder can be assigned to specific team members so that it will appear on their dashboard as per the remind date. All reminders can be viewed on Reminder List page. Reminders which are not asigned to anyone will be visible to all. Users having permission Report Filter-All can view all the reminders irrespective of their assignment to the reminders.

Setting Priority

Reminder can be given a priority ranging from 1 to 5 (1 being the highest) depending upon their importance/urgency. Priority 1 reminders appear on the top and are also highlighted in yellow colour.

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