# Todo 👀

Todo List shows the list of all the todos of all tasks and subtasks
By default all your accessible client's tasks and subtasks incomplete todos will be shown.

# Features

  1. All todos in one place.
  2. Multiple filter options are also available for filtering.
  3. Can edit/delete the todos from here itself.
  4. You can mark a todo complete as well.

# Todo Filtering

There are many smart filtering capabilties in Todo List Simply click on Advanced Search button You can enter any of the below things to create a search string and filter.

  1. TodoName -> Enter todo name
  2. TodoTeam -> Select Todo team member to filter todos of that specific team member
  3. Task Name
  4. Client Name
  5. Cateogry -> Enter todo's category.
  6. TodoGroup -> Enter todo's group.
  7. RF -> Report filter select any one.
  8. Status -> Incomplete or Complete.
  9. IsCurrent -> Current todos.
  10. IsWorkFlow -> Todos with workflow on or off.
  11. TaskStatus -> Select any one of the option.
  12. Dates Filter -> You can select date range for Todo Creation Date, Todo Complete Dates, Todo WorkFlow Dates.
  13. Advanced Option -> Where you can add multiple space seperated TaskNos, ClientNos and GroupNos.
Last Updated: 14 Jun 2021