Todo 👀

Todo List shows the list of all the todos of all tasks and subtasks
By default all your accessible client's tasks and subtasks incomplete todos will be shown.


  1. All todos in one place.
  2. Multiple filter options are also available for filtering.
  3. Can edit/delete the todos from here itself.
  4. You can mark a todo complete as well.

Todo Filtering

There are many smart filtering capabilties in Todo List Simply click on Advanced Search button You can enter any of the below things to create a search string and filter.

  1. TodoName -> Enter todo name
  2. TodoTeam -> Select Todo team member to filter todos of that specific team member
  3. Task Name
  4. Client Name
  5. Cateogry -> Enter todo's category.
  6. TodoGroup -> Enter todo's group.
  7. RF -> Report filter select any one.
  8. Status -> Incomplete or Complete.
  9. IsCurrent -> Current todos.
  10. IsWorkFlow -> Todos with workflow on or off.
  11. TaskStatus -> Select any one of the option.
  12. Dates Filter -> You can select date range for Todo Creation Date, Todo Complete Dates, Todo WorkFlow Dates.
  13. Advanced Option -> Where you can add multiple space seperated TaskNos, ClientNos and GroupNos.
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