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A team is a group of people who work together under certain project/work. Organising team is very crucial work but We made it easy for you.


Team Members can be added using +ADD tab and also get assigned to different tasks along with team members. Admin also can grant or Revoke various permissions for every Team Member individually. There are 2 types of permissions 'General permissions' & 'special permissions'.

The example if you have 4 team members (A,B,C,D) then Admin can grant few permissions to 'A', few different permissions to 'B'. Also Admin can assigned same task to 'C' and 'D'.

Following Permissions can be assign to the Team members :

  • TE -Task Edit
  • TB -Task Bulk
  • TT -Task Team
  • TV -Task Verification
  • TS -Task Stage
  • WD -WorkDone
  • TH -Task Hearing
  • MA -Master Data
  • FO -Folder
  • FI -File
  • PS -Password
  • PV -Password View
  • CO -Profile
  • CV -Profile View
  • AT -Attendance
  • RE -Report Filter
  • RC -Client Report

Special Permissions

  • AA -is Active
  • HA - Admin
  • BI - Billing
  • MO - Money
  • HD - Delete

There are 3 Values which is used to assign permission for a team member

  1. Yes - Permission to add/edit any entity for all Task
  2. No - No Permission to add/edit any entity
  3. Self -Permission to add/edit any entity for assigned Task

Copy Permissions

To help in assigning the permissions faster, we have button to copy permissions from one team member to another. Note: This will only copy General Permissions. Special Permissions are not copied.

Add Member

Currently, you cannot add team member using Jamku 3. To add Team member use Jamku 2. We are working to add this feature in Jamku 3. When this feature is added to Jamku 3, we will also support adding international mobile numbers.

View Member

To see the information regarding any member, click on the member name. Now you can see all information about member where you can change/edit permissions or tasks of the member.

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