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Shortcut Module provides an easy way to save and share shortcuts for the files and folders residing on a common server or PC. In most of the offices, there is a common location where all the files are stored. This location could be a Shared Folder (A windows shared folder) or NAS (Network Attached Storage) or Shared folder on a central server.

Problem Statement

On an average 20 minutes is spent by a team member in locating, navigating and searching for the files to work on. Having a centralised shortcut system of all the files and folders about a client or task helps in saving time and improving efficiency.


Due to browser limitation, for the shortcuts to work, a plugin and software are required to be installed.

Below are the steps for Firefox and Chrome. Currently, there are plugins available only for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. 2 steps are required

  1. Installing plugin
  2. Installing exe

These installation steps are required on all the PC where you want the links to work.

Plugin for Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: Installing Plugin

Visit Firefox add-on URL – in new window

Click on β€œ+ Add to Firefox” button. This will install the plugin to Firefox Browser.

Firefox Plugin

When you click on the button, it will download the plugin and give you a pop up box as shown in image below. Click on "Add" button.

Firefox Plugin

Once you click on β€œAdd” button, the plugin will be installed and take you to the plugin configuration page. You can close the configuration page. In order to verify if the plugin installed, you can see the folder icon appearing near address bar in Firefox. Now proceed to Step 2.

Firefox Plugin

Step 2: Installing Software

Download the exe file from URL – in new window Double click on the exe file downloaded and follow on-screenn instruction. (Basically clicking on β€œNext” button 2 times)

Once the installation is completed, you need to restart the Firefox browser.

In case you get an antivirus warning, you can safely ignore it. It is a false positive.

Plugin for Google Chrome

Step 1: Installing Plugin

Visit Plugin URL – in new window Click on β€œ+ Add to Chrome” button as shown in the screen below

Chrome Plugin

Step 2: Installing Software

Download the exe from URL – in new window and double click on the exe file downloaded. Follow the installation steps to install.

Create/Add Shortcut

Currently, shortcuts can be added to a Client or a Task. There is a separate window available in Client View and Task View for adding as well as viewing all the shorcuts. Below screenshots show the placement of β€œShortcut” window in Client View and Task View respectively.

Once you click on β€œAdd” the below window will pop up. Enter the link and click on Save. Pro Tip: Press Enter to Save.

Add Shortcut

Shortcuts can be added as well as viewed from the Client List and Task List page too. To do the same click on the right most icon (highlighted with red colour in the below screenshot). TaskList Shortcut

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