# Jamku Review Reward Program 🖐

To promote review of Jamku, we have this "Review Reward Program". You will receive INR 400 (150 + 250) Amazon Gift Card for your time in providing a review.


If you have any query, chat with our support team on WhatsApp +91 72082 03600 (opens new window)

# Steps for the claiming 150 INR Amazon Gift Card

  1. Write a review on all 3 sites

  2. Write a review on any ONE of these sites

  3. Once you have submitted review on above sites (4 Reviews in total), wait for the review to be published (it typically 1 to 3 working days)

  4. Send us screenshots & links to your review on jamku.support@madrecha.com, along with

    • Your Name
    • Email ID
    • Mobile Number
    • Office Name
  5. We (Madrecha Solutions) shall send you Amazon Gift Card via email.

# Terms & Conditions

  1. This reward program is only available to Jamku Users.
  2. Only offices which have "Paid" License are eligible in this program. Basically if you got Jamku for free, you are not eligible.
  3. Program valid from 1st April 2021 to 20th April 2021.
  4. Reward is issued only after the websites publish the review.

# Steps for the claiming 250 INR Amazon Gift Card

We have partnered with Software Suggest to provide 250 INR on each review on their site. Software Suggest Review Link (opens new window)

Software Suggest review reward

# Terms & Conditions

  1. You need to upload Jamku Invoice to be eligible for the reward
  2. Hence, only paid office users are eligible for this.
  3. Since there is duplicity check for invoice, reward can be claimed once per invoice.
  4. The reward will be given directly by Software Suggest.
Last Updated: 02 Apr 2021