Access Jamku 🖐️

Currently, there are 2 versions of Jamku

  1. Main App (v3) - jamku.appopen in new window - Latest, Fastest, Amazing, Colourful, International support.
  2. Jamku Client Portal (v3) - client.jamku.appopen in new window -
  3. Backup Server (v3) - v3.jamku.appopen in new window - We run backup server of Jamku to provide more resilience in up time.
  4. Previous Version (v2) - jamku.madrecha.comopen in new window - (Previous generation of Jamku) - Basic Features, only Indian mobile number supported.

Installing Jamku on your device

While Jamku can be used on a browser, to get the fastest speed and the amazing experience, we recommend installing Jamku app on your device. Jamku app is available on all platforms. Follow procedure shown in below videos to install the app.

Windows / Mac / Linux


There are 2 options to install Jamku

1st (recommended) - Using Play Store - Search "Jamku" in Googly Play store and install the Mobile app. Here's the direct link 👉 in new window

2nd - Watch the video. (Does not require play store, just latest Chrome Browser on Android). Use this option only when 1st option cannot be used.

iOS (iPhone)

Jamku app is not available in iStore. Hence, watch this video to install Jamku on iPhone

We recommend using using latest version of these browser on Windows/ Mac/ Linux to enjoy the blazing fast Jamku experience.

For Android (Mobile and Tablet), only use Chrome browser for best experience.

For iPhone, iPad, use Chrome or Safari browser for best experience.

Installing plugin

If you wish to use shortcut module, install plugin for your browser. Details 👉 Shortcut Plugin Guide

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