Optimise Jamku 🖐️

Jamku helps in tracking team's work thereby helping you take an informed decision on

  1. Billables to Client
  2. Team Efficiency
  3. Resource Planning

When setting up Jamku, you (Implementation Team Leader) have to decide the fine balance between

  1. Tracking
  2. Time required for Tracking

These are some of the general recommendations. We have put a lot of thought into designing these recommendations. If your use case asks for not following some recommendation, please get in touch with support team. Also, remember, everything boils down to Materialityopen in new window, your definition of materiality would sightly defer.

Task creation & Time Tracking 🖇

If a task is going to take less than 15 mins to complete, it is not worth the effort to track. A team member can use any of the existing task of the client for charging time. Hence, at the client level, you would get a exact picture of time spent.

In your office, you might set the materiality level between 10 minutes to 30 minutes. Still, if you need some way to track, if a word was performed for a client, creating a reminder is a good option.

Using Sub Task Module 🖇

As a thumb rule, for a shorter duration task, you should not create any Sub Task. Sub Tasks are only for longer client engagements which typically requires more than 15 days of work.

For shorter engagements, instead of Sub Task, prefer using

  1. To-Do for documents check list & Procedure to be followed
  2. Stages for tracking progress of the Task

Utilise power of Smiley 🖇

We all are familiar with the saying "A picture conveys thousand words". Similarly, "Smiley" 😀🥇🎲🎗👏🏻🚨⏰⚙️🛎 can convey hundred words, if not thousand.

Jamku fully supports Smileys in most of the masters. You can even search/filter using smileys.

Track Office Work 🖇

create a client Group called Administration, under this, create clients as and when required to track all the things relating to the office. there will be at least one client under this group. Let's call this 'Admin'

Office Tasks

create a One Time task as below

  • Monthly Admin work
  • Quarterly Admin Work
  • Yearly Admin Work

12 Monthly tasks will created, 4 Quarterly tasks will be created, 1 Yearly tasks will be created in a Year.

Then under tasks create Todo and Sub Task as required.

for the things which requires no due date tracking, use Todo. for the things which requires a due date tracking, use Sub Tasks.

Software Licenses

Add all the software license as Folder under Admin Client. For the software which are to be periodically renewed, mention a expiry date. So Jamku will automatically remind when the renewal is due.

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