Data from Jamku can easily be integrated in your tool of choice

  1. Excel
  2. Power BI
  3. 3rd party Tools


Instead of manually exporting the data from Jamku and using it in Excel, you can create a connection to Jamku in Excel. Apply all the filtering and data transformation in Excel, as you normally do.

When you wish to refresh the data, simply click on Refresh Button and excel will refresh the data for you. No need to even open Jamku.

While, in above paragraph we have mentioned Excel, it could be Power BIopen in new window or any of your favorite analytical tool (eg: Ideaopen in new window )

How it works

The connector needs a way to authenticate itself to Jamku. This will enable Jamku to share the data with the conector. We use API Key for authentication.

Go to Office Config > Api Key > Click Add. When you click save, it will create an API Key for you. Keep this API Key secret. Don't share it with anyone. You will need this API Key in create connector in your tool.

Read our section on Excel, for more details on how to integrate Jamku in Excel. This will provide you a basic idea on how it works.

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