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Jamku is your friend & all season partner. Your goals are easily achieved & deadlines will be met if you trust power of Jamku.

Professional office teams work by applying knowledge. We all have so much to do for our clients. Do you experience frustration of not doing enough ? Yes, many of us work very hard but at the end of the day we feel guilty for not giving results.

It is a natural outcome of our deep-routed informal task habits. When you store everything under the universe in your brain, what else do you expect?

We are bombarded with constant flow of information from following mediums:

  • E-mails
  • SMSs
  • Whats app texts
  • Oral communications
  • Calls
  • Meetings with clients
  • Instructions given by seniors
  • Suggestions by juniors
  • Reading through books, magazines, news papers etc
  • Inputs through various social media
  • Our own ideas

Above list of mediums are just for an example. You may have other mediums also like discussions with your family members, friends mentoring sessions, wisdom of parents, past experiences to name a few.

What is our work style?

  • We try to store information received from multiple mediums for multiple clients in multiple platforms like diary, note-pad, loose papers, online to-do lists, worksheet on desktop etc
  • Geniuses track actionable things by keeping unread emails, starred whats app texts and alarms.
  • Many use our most important organ "Brain" to store all types of tasks.
  • Eventually we successfully confuse our brains.

Solution for above-mentioned confusions is very simple. Apply brain for actual work & don't slow it down with unnecessary inputs.

Here Jamku comes to your rescue. Set a ritual to input everything in Jamku Reminders.

  • It takes hardly 15 seconds to add a reminder like "Call Raju" or "Email invoice to Nikhil"
  • You may have many small tasks to complete.
  • You will feel great if you just complete 1 task from the list.
  • You won't forget anything if inputs are done & Jamku is used constantly.
  • You will be a performer.

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Written by CA from Pune.
The author wishes to stay anonymous.

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