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M/s. Mahesh & Sons,
Chartered Accountants,
Mumbai – 400001.

Kind Attn. – CA Mahesh Kumar

Dear Sir,

Subject: Authorization to obtain and use Digital Signature Certificate

With reference to the above subject, I, Mr. ________, s/o Mr. ________,
having PAN as ________ and UIDAI Aadhar No. as ________,
having my sole proprietary business at the above-mentioned address
in the name and style of “________”am residing at _________ Mumbai – 400404.

As required under various laws of India, including, but not limited to,
Income Tax Act, 1961,
Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017,
Central Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017,
Maharashtra State Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017, etc.,
my Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) may be required to verify and authenticate
various documents, returns, forms, etc.

For the same purposes, I hereby irrevocably authorize M/s. Mahesh & Sons, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai,
to obtain and use, wherever required, my DSC, in my capacity as Proprietor of M/s. _________, Mumbai,
under all the laws in India, and the same will be binding on me at all times.

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,

This consent letter should be taken on Client's letter head. In this example, the CA firm's name is Mahesh & Sons & Partner's name is Mahesh Kumar

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Jay is practicing Chartered Accountant in Mumbai.

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