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Disclaimer: This is intended for non-technical users. Hence it may not be 100% technically correct.

HTTP3 is the third and major version of the HTTP used to exchange information on the internet, alongside HTTP1.1 and HTTP2. In the words of Ryan Hamilton, Engineer at Google, “HTTP3 should make the web better for everyone". HTTP3 is is also sometimes called as QUIC.

Pictures are worth 100 words. So, let's understand the difference from old tech to new tech.

Old Tech - The Number of trips to finally receive response from server used to take a long time.

HTTP Request over TCP

New Tech - The Number of trips drastically reduces time to receive response from server. Thus making it faster by multiple magnitude.

HTTP Request over HTTP3

Image credits: ClouldFlareopen in new window

Checking if your browser supports http3

If you are using latest version of Edge, Chrome, Firefox; it should work perfectly.

HTTP3 Browser Support

To test if your browser supports HTTP3, visit quic.nginx.org/open in new window. If your browser is supported, it should show success as below. "Congratulations! You're connected over QUIC."

HTTP3 Browser check via Ngnix

Using Jamku over http3

As http3 is still relatively new technology, we have setup our backup server v3.jamku.appopen in new window as on (30th Oct 2021) to use http3. In future, we will also upgrade main server jamku.appopen in new window to use http3.

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